idk i’m changing up my Cecil headcanon i guess. or coming up with yet another one? anyway i love the idea of him having really long hair that he braids or ties back most of the time (but that doesn’t stop him from playing with it). also not sure if the platinum hair is a result of blood stone rituals or clever bleaching techniques.

also constellation tattoos! and he still has tons of freckles i don’t think i’ll ever let those go.

[steve carlsberg voice] “i dunno about this guy… he’s probably secretly evil or something”

i just kind of finished this up real quick because i posted that WIP a while ago and yeah here you go

i’m very upset over the existence of adorable, affectionate, caring, earnest and adoring carlos the scientist

I forgot to raise my paddle. Oh! Oh, foolish Cecil! And through the tears that came then to my eyes, I couldn’t see who won Lot 37 with only one bid.

shhh Cecil. you’re not stupid, you’re not a fool, it’s okay.

new episode scribble because Cecil’s panic attack made me feel so bad for the guy. oh gosh baby i know how it feels come here let me hold you.