morgan-paige1294-deactivated201 asked:

Hi! First off, i love your blog! absolutely amazing. I come to it all of the time. Second, I have dark brown hair, but I'm getting bored with it. I've done blonde highlights multiple times and also had my hair a maroonish purple. I'm thinking about getting a streak of bright pink, but I'm just not sure. Also, I need bangs REALLY bad, but I don't know what kind. I have an oval face, what do you think would look best? Any help would be amazing, Thanks! <3

Thanks for the compliment!

 Bangs suit pretty much everyone! If you have an oval face, really full bangs that curve would suit you really well if you’re brave enough. So they go from long to your fringe, then long again on the otherside without the hairline breaking, sort of a continuous curve. That or straight across!

 As with a streak, thats easy! Get some fake ones and see what you like. Candy Acid on facebook does amazing custom dyed human hair clip ins that look and can by styled as part of your hair :D perfect.