here’s to teenage memories // pop punk playlist (with a few exceptions)


mcr - i don’t love you / brand new - mixtape (cover) / p!atd - nicotine / anarbor - 18 / 5sos - english love affair / arctic monkeys - snap out of it / fourth and coast - young hearts /  5sos - mrs. all american / watercolor - stick around / 5sos - kiss me kiss me / fob - young volcanoes / 5sos - rejects / the pretty reckless - heaven knows / sws - if you can’t hang / atl - lost in stereo / real friends - lost boy / arctic monkeys - stop the world i wanna get off with you / the pretty reckless - my medicine / 5sos - american idiot / atl - hello brooklyn / real friends - i don’t love you anymore / the wonder years - won’t be pathetic forever / p!atd - this is gospel / arctic monkeys - mardy bum / citizen - tracking time

listen *fixed the error! now the link works

Too Faced have the cutest packagings. That’s all I have to say about this picture I took while trying to organize a bit my makeup. ♥

These days I’m trying to hide everything fragile, pretty, and breakable in my room. I bought a super pretty bed for my kittens and want them here with me every nights~ I never had such little cats before. Can something be more adorable though? I’m waiting for the day I manage to take a perfect picture of them both to show you guys; they look like tiny pandas! Although they are brother and sister, they are very different; the boy is very playful and silly and cuddly, but the girl is more of a lazy and wild one. July is going by so fast and it’s really not something I’m going to cry about. My real holidays are starting on August and I REALLY need them. Getting away from Paris, seeing the people I love, having fun.. Endless days at the beach, endless nights drinking and talking and laughing. Yes, please.