Darkness was surrounding him as he kicked a pebble. The small lantern with a candle within didn’t give the light he desired but it was enough for now. Minwoo walked over to a tree that stood on the academy grounds, kneeling down in front of it he cleaned away some old cigarette buds and plastic wrappers and placed a single red rose instead on the ground. He was unaware of anyone near him- perhaps it was the lack of blood that didn’t give the other away.

۵ ʙᴀᴛᴛʟᴇᴘʟᴀɴs || Sumin & Youngmin

The library of the academy was the sanctuary in which the dark angel was working. Books, pens and papers scattered around the desk. His laptop having a page open on which he could buy an apartment. He licked his fingertip before flipping the page of the book he was reading. The title ‘advanced illusions for unholy creatures’ was written in green glittery letters on the brown cover. Youngmin sighed as he sat back and picked up the paper cup filled with coffee, sipping from it as he eyed the book in thoughts.

The angel had not expected someone to come closer as he was sitting in the back of the library. Far away from the entrance and popular books. Sitting between the old Latin books and books on mechanics of planes he thought he had picked out the perfect place not to be bothered. Yet someone came closer, drawing Youngmin’s attention. “Hey, can I help you?" 

Suminia is a mammal-like reptile from before the Dinosaurs, and is the first arboreal vertabrate, which is pretty cool. It’s another fluffy mammal looking therapsid, like my Leogorgon. The fur and external ears might be going a bit far with Suminia, but with all those gawpy teeth it had to at least have been lippy. The colouration is inspired by squirrel monkeys.

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Being as eager to become stronger as Sumin was, she was disappointed when one of her new teachers apparently did not seem all that fond of her. Normally, the girl was not one to pay attention to those who looked down upon her in the least, yet this was her teacher and that left her barely any choice but to feign a polite smile instead. After all, starting off on the wrong foot with those who were going to teach her did not seem like a very smart plan. ‘Yes, sir, I am indeed. I guess that would make you my teacher?’ she asked, as if she had not noticed the man’s displeasure at all. ‘What should I be calling you?’

It was plain from what trained eyesight he held to his person, that this child had the markings of a simple actress with little intention to be outright with her intent. The smile was polite, yet there was little sense of it from the child herself. For one, those that were truly engorged in the ways of manners, knew very well how to bow when greeting one of elder status or higher position. In this case, he was both. The warlock crossed his arms over his chest and gave the new student a stern look that lined each part of his facial features. “You will address me by ‘Sensei’ or 'Sensei Kouyou. Anything else and I will ignore you. Do not be late for lessons, I will not tolerate it and you will not be allowed entry into the classroom. Be certain to bring all proper materials to class, forgetting is not excusable.”