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What are your primary art supplies? Ps I really really love you as a person


dry media:

Sakura/Artist’s Loft Micron Pens 005-08Pentel Brush Pen, graphite pencils ranging from 4H-9B (a lot of different brands bc I have wonderful friends who gift me bunches of pencils), generic old mechanical pencils that you can find on the floors of libraries, General’s charcoal pencil/stick

wet media:

Sumi Drawing Ink (if you’re fortunate enough to live near Daiso, you can get this for $1.50 uwu), Prang Watercolor, Nescafe Instant Coffee (or whatever instant coffee you have onhand)

paper: generic printer paper, cardstock paper, Strathmore drawing/bristol/watercolor paper 


I use Adobe Photoshop CC (torrented somewhere), GIMP (free and is p much like Photoshop minus a few trivial perks)

Very recently one of my goodest friends and greatest people I know Emilie gave me her old Wacom Bamboo CTL460  tablet and I’ve been meddling around with digital color flats with that using above programs

PS I also really really love you as a person *affectionate head-to-shoulder bump

"Night Surgeon" (July 2012)
9” x 12” Sumi Ink and White Ink on Watercolor Paper with Digital Color

“The Red Masks seemed to be everywhere at once. Emerging from the shadows, their Sixth Division Night Surgeons never seemed to be too far away.”

More info on the “Red Masks” series coming soon.

Original Ink drawing currently available for purchase here…

Opens Tonight, Fri Jan 6, 6-9p:

 Dawn Clements
New Work

Pierogi Gallery, 177 North 9th St., Brooklyn, NY

Clements’ powerful use of Sumi ink and ballpoint pen on small to large-scale paper panels remains her primary medium and scale. She often cuts and pastes the paper together to edit and compose a completed drawing, adding paper as necessary to create the desired scale. Through her active process, which is almost performative, the paper becomes distressed with folds, wrinkles, and seams.

"Through sight, sound and touch my work is always a response to environments, objects and people, but until fairly recently the responses have been largely limited to working within the confines of my living spaces in fairly solitary ways." (Clements, 2012)

thru Feb 12         (Interview with L Magazine here)


Some of my work from 2011, project site for the last big installation piece in the mission, Chris Burch and I in front of the Dark Matter wall, posin hard in front of an installation piece at 1 A.M. Gallery with Cristine Blanco Wordpress Web Girl of the Galaxy, my inter dimensional great grandfather aka Tha Sheikh Original Old School Wizard Masta Killah, Danny King,  my new studio supply closet with built in shelving (bombbbbbbb!!!!), Earsnot photo at Luggage Store Gallery, the piece that started a revolution in my work “Not a War” 4’x8’ Sumi Ink on paper.