You would think being a food adventurer such as myself, I would know the ins and outs of the food world; what’s current, trendy, delicious, outstanding recipes, etc…Well I do, but I don’t. Let’s face it, I’ve missed a lot. A few epic and easy recipes have definitely fallen through the cracks but there is nothing like good friends to ring your neck. “How do you not know about this!!”, they say. “Oops!?”, I shrug.  A good friend always sets you straight.

Luckily Jin Ah Lee picks up my slack and shows me the ropes in the culinary world time and time again. She’s responsible for some of the most discreet food finds I’ve ever devoured in Los Angeles. (Lucky Noodle King: get the Dan Dan noodles, you’re welcome).

This recipe from Jim Lahey, owner of the infamous Sullivan Street Bakery in NYC, showed the world in 2006 how to make the most brilliant and simple bread right at home. 

The recipe link is here:

To Your Belly & Mine,

Lauren and Jin Ah