Luhan Likes Sulli♥ Sulli Likes Luhan

During Luhan Birthday Party, One Fans ask Luhan who he likes the most among SNSD and Fx member. He answer Yoona and Sulli, And the reason for Yoona because they are similiar and he felt really comfortable with Yoona and For Sulli because she is quiet and cute. But TVXQ will still be No1 for Luhan.

Sulli picked Luhan as her favorite member in Exo.

Kelompok Dedikatif 2014 OSMARU FISIP UNS

Muhaimin Anashir N (Pendamping)
1. Puput Putri Setyowati
2. Safira Hasna Hayzaki
3. Anna Tirza Prasetya
4. Saddam Yudha Wahyono
5. Ratu Budhi Sejati
6. Indra Galih Permana
7. Rossa Jannah Pramesta
8. Pradita Aprilia Kusumawardani
9. Kurniawan Sulhan F
10. Muhammad Tegar Dewantoro
11. Nanda Ady Untoro
12. Halim Rois Al Asyari
13. Arshita Kumalasari
14. Alfian Wahyu Utomo
15. Iim Fathimah Timorry
16. Yoga Nasrullah Akbar
17. Dimas Nourianto
18. Galih Seto Wicaksono
19. Bimo Satrio

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Machine Mouth: The Book and Art of Clogtwo from Nookmag on Vimeo.

Singapore-based illustrator and graffiti practitioner Clogtwo launched his first book entitled ‘Machine Mouth: The Book and Art of Clogtwo, the collection contains 5 years of work featuring unseen sketches, the ideology and process of artist Eman Raharno Jeman.

Music credit: Fauxe - LUVCHIP (soundcloud.com/fauxe)

Photos & Video: Sulhan/Nookmag