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(…)No matter when or how you met Super Junior. The most important thing right now is that you love us and that you cherish us with all your hearts. Of course, we can’t explain how thankful we are to all the people who came here for us. We want to thank you all face-to-face, looking into your eyes and shaking your hands. These people caring and loving Super Junior are our E.L.F.
All our fellow E.L.F, the names, the faces, the places might be all different, the amount of your love towards us is all the same. We know that already! Of course we don’t care if you met us now or 4 years ago, our heart that keeps thinking of you will never change. There is a special password that only you and we know, right? The color of our balloons, pearl sapphire blue. On stage, when our view is covered by a pearl sapphire blue sea we feel that there are people who could be by our sides forever. Those who makes us deeply moved, our E.L.F! We thank you very much and we love you. To the people that always supports us: We love you ♥.

Military Enlistment 2014 (so far)

Park Yoochun (JYJ)
Kim Junsu (JYJ)
Kim JaeJoong (JYJ)
Jung Yunho (TVXQ)
Lee Sungmin (Super Junior)
Shindong (Super Junior)
Kim Hyun Joong
Lee Seung Gi
Lee Minho
Jang Keun Suk
Seo In Guk
Yoon Si Yoon
Kim Soo Hyun
Choi Jin Hyuk


“When we just debuted in a concert with other groups, we saw there were some sapphire blue colors, between all the other colors of all the other fandoms. Day by day, the sapphire blue color kept growing, getting bigger and bigger. We realized that the sapphire blue color is the source of our spirit, happiness, and our strength. As we know from legend, ELF is a beautiful creature like a fairy. They’re beautiful and always give happiness like how they spell it. Because I realized those creatures that we see now, that always make a sapphire blue ocean that is the most beautiful thing, are like ELF in the legend. They’re also beautiful, always happiness to us, always protecting us. So i named them, ELF. Now those creatures are so many and make big sapphire blue oceans which is so beautiful, the most beautiful thing. Even though we don’t know all of them, but we know they’re always there where ever we go, and I love them all. Those creatures are ELF, our everlasting friends.”


8 Years To Forever♥



15/ 15 Things That Super Junior Loves To Do: Love Their Ever Lasting Friends

yay~it’s done!first of all i wanna say thank you for all the people who showed love for this Super Junior Loves To Do edits.though i failed some of you for it,i still want to give thanks.secondly,i purposedly blur faces of ELFs who have shared their photos because i don’t want to risk these people’s privacy by showing them and can i say thank you to them for making and sharing fan accounts for all of the ELFs who haven’t met Super Junior 오빠s .thirdly,i just wanna say thank you to Super Junior for continuing to love us,the ELFs,and please always count on us for the hard times coz I’m pretty sure that all ELFs will be by your side.thank you again!I Love You All!and i’m sorry for disappointing you all because this is not a .gif-infested one.

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