but imagine going to prom with luke and you’re home getting ready, perfecting your make up and hair and then your doorbell rings and you open the door to see luke in a suit and a bowtie smirking at you sweetly and when he sees how you look like he gets kind of stuck in the moment and only manages to say a quiet hi, stumbling on the simple word along the way and he asks you if you’re ready to go and you say yes and he takes your hand and leads you to a cute little car he rented and when you sit in the car he plays a mixtape of all your favorite songs because he’s been paying extra attention for the last couple of months just so he could find all the best songs for you and when you arrive he hurries to your side of the car just so he could open the door for you and he tries to be a gentleman during the whole night but sometimes fails as he stumbles on his own feet while you’re dancing or wants to say something really cute and gets tongue tied but then still smirks like a jackass when you let him invade your personal space so he could show off to his frieds oh my god stop mE