The Sternenberger Bergkäse is a beautiful swiss alpine, made by Kaeserei Rietwies, a multi-generational alpine dairy owned by by the Preisig family since 1945, and run by Urs Preisig and his wife. In addition to the Sternenberger, the Preisig’s make the classic swiss cheese Tilsit under the label Rohmilchtilsiter (aka “the Red”); raw milk Raclette and others. The farm is located in the Alps to the east of the city of Zurich, and the milk comes from the family dairies that surround Kaeserei Rietwies.

The Sternenberger is a raw cow’s milk, cooked, pressed cheese, aged for a minimum of 5 months, but this was the more mature, or “Rezent” version, aged for a minimum of one year.

The outside is a salmony pink color, the result of regular brine washes. The golden paste is dense and smooth, with an enticing fruity, meaty aroma. Flavors are nutty, buttery and rich, with spicy, tropical fruit and caramel notes, similar to a cheese like Challerhocker but less assertive.

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