- “We’ll get through it, as a family”

- “You’re going to answer for everything that you’ve done!”

And this is exactly why Kuvira turned into the dictator she was.

Su says she was like a daughter to her and a lot of people complained to me of how I implied that Su wasn’t a good mother to her, but look at her fucking face when talking to Kuvira. She literally tells her she’s gonna pay for every little shit that she’s done even after Kuvira said it herself. I apologize for my use of language but wtf?! I’m mad AF! Look at Kuvira! Fucking look at her! She’s apologized, regretted and then willingly turned her self over and accepted her punishments. This is a woman who is broken! And then Su just rubs it in her face that she’s gonna pay for it.

But with Baatar Jr, she’s loving and caring. He did more harm than Kuvira did regarding their family yet Su doesn’t hold anything against him and even tells him they’re gonna work through this as a “family”. Do you see where I’m getting at? No matter what, Kuvira was probably always the black sheep and never felt a part of their “family”. Every time she did something wrong, Su probably reminded her of the mistake. But then with her “real” kids, she gave them unconditional love and affection.

Kuvira is a woman who felt like she was “tossed aside” at a young age. She probably hoped Su was gonna take her in and treat her how she treats her other kids… but she didn’t. These two lines right here prove it. If Su really gave Kuvira the love and attention she gave her other kids, Kuvira probably wouldn’t’ve been this extreme nor came out this way. Su probably “tossed her aside”, just like her parents did.

Yes, I blame Kuvira for everything that she’s done and everyone that she’s hurt, but can you really blame her? Like really? She’s fucking hurting inside. Su was her hope of becoming a part of a real family but apparently that wasn’t the case. So Su then turns her back on their people and Kuvira wasn’t having any of it. This was something that started off as admirable and hopeful to her. She didn’t want anyone feeling the way she does. She was trying to help. Again, look at her face. She’s beaten and broken. She just wanted people to know that she will never toss them aside. But then Su is just reminding her that no matter what, she will be tossed aside

If Su really saw Kuvira as a “daughter”, she wouldn’t’ve tried taking her out or rubbed it in her face that she’s gonna get punished right after she announced that she accepts her punishments. I’m sorry but my love for Su has decreased immensely.

It doesn’t matter what Kuvira has done, if a person is this broken, you don’t ever kick them while they’re down. And that’s exactly what Su did to her.

12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS MEME - 8. A Festivus (for the rest of us)

For those who want a little SU touch to their Christmas trees (or plain metal poles lol). If you have access to a printer, scissors and ribbon, you can make these no problem, for yourself or your friends!

  1. Winter Wonderland
  2. Silent Night
  3. Sugar & Spice
  4. Winter Wear
  5. Presents
  6. Naughty or Nice
  7. The Grinch
  8. A Festivus (for the rest of us)

is it just me or did anyone else feel like we didnt get enough kuvira?

or was anyone else unsatisfied with kuvira’s ending

I hated the way su was to her at the end

I hope they continue that in the comics because WHERE IS MY KUVIRA AND SU FAMILY BONDING MOMENT