For Self-Insert Weekend!! This is basicly how I see my self in the Borderlands World. A happy go lucky attitude that loves to storm into battles all guns blazin! With Buttstallion making it more awesome to ride into battle!
She is also part of the Smoll Pocket Bandits group. Which consists of my friends on skype being smoll little adorable shits <3

This is all I could make in the small time I had and its super messy </3.
Will upload my full char design on late sunday probs. Or monday. Its not 100% done yet.


I started selling these designs on my RedBubble! One against the Dwarves and one against the Elves

The idea started for a cosplay with Consulting-Ood and me as Fili and Kili  that made some posters that elves sucked. These we pasted everywhere around the con. I thought it was funny to have it on a tshirt and then this happened! Hope you guys like it <3

All the funds that I get thanks to this will be going to my trip to Hobbitcon in Bonn. And if I see someone with one of these shirts at Hobbitcon I WILL bear hug you. I swear! <3

Ps. I mayyyyyy design another one of these with a certain dragon on it~


I did not even used an eraser for this drawing. only 1 blue colouring pencil and only once a gray pencil for drawing 1 circle which was the only thing i tried to erase wished i never drew that circle…

1 dwarf down and maybe more 12 to draw?