We may be separated into two groups, but really, we are one big family. We trained together, ate together and shared so many memories together. There is no competition between us in the sense that we have a need to be better than the other.” - SeHun

sehun smiles the moment his eyes met junmyeon’s and junmyeon’s heart began to burn with a very pale red flame, slowly turning it into ashes of guiltiness. he never knew how long this will last, since his others all ended unsatisfying. sehun whispers those three words he wished to believe to be true for eternity. his lips trembled, trying to form the same words sehun did but he just can’t. it might perish everything he had built up, the pride, the wall, the things he aided himself with. hurt flashes through the dark orbs of the younger boy’s eyes and junmyeon’s heart burned entirely.