sugarwizard said:

I hope reddit works out for you, it can be kind of a crapshoot sometimes as it is sort of a popularity contest. The more upvotes your post gets, the more likely it will be seen by more people. So if you have any friends that you know on reddit get them to upvote your post! you can PM me on there if you have any questions, sugarwizard. I hope you don't think I'm being creepy, just a long time lurker that wants to help out!

That’s not creepy at all; you’re trying to help me figure out where my car is, lmao. I really appreciate the help. And yeah, I’m familiar with Reddit, for the most part, just not…you know, comfortable in how to post things? idk. (same goes for 4chan and I’d lurked the boards there for yeaaars) 

Anyway. Here is the link to the post, hopefully it has enough info to make some kind of headway.

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sugarwizard said:

So Sorry about your car! Try looking on Craigslist for it, and put a post on the Seattle subreddit. I hope you get it back!

Ahhhh, those are good ideas! Am looking into doing those now, thank you very much. 

(…p.s. I don’t use Reddit so I’m making an account for this; if any of you are familiar with usage of it I’d appreciate a helping hand, eheh)