• Sugarpea #36 Texas at Midnight
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Sugarpea #36 Texas at Midnight

I did this one in at a reststop outside of Kempner, Texas. The music is silly, but the lyrics are kind of grave. What I had originally was a lot darker and maybe even more personal, but that’s a door I’m just not ready to open yet…

Build a grand monument to the great bastard son
The one in every photo who doesn’t quite belong
The face you could direct your punches at
It helps to know I’m not blood related in fact

Deck me in public when you lose your temper
But you’re the victim here I must always remember
You’re the one she’s leaving
and I’m the one bleeding
Always the nice guy, but looks can be deceiving

I’m leaving for Texas at midnight
Reggie thinks it sounds cool, but it just didn’t sit right
I’m 25 years old and you still make my blood run cold

dayruiner asked:


  • Why I like them

my love…… my love………..

  • Why I don’t

why’d his ex (girlfriend/wife) break up w him? maybe she had a valid reason

also he wanted to go to a strip club that one time :/

  • Favorite episode (scene if movie)

the lepidopterists

  • Favorite line

"i’ll spare his life, but only for you, sugarpants"

(i actually had one for this one… that was my blog title for like… a year??)

  • Favorite outfit

god that like. nasty windbreaker when they were trying to recruit henchmen. i love it

  • OTP

we’re soulmates

  • Brotp

him and gary obv

  • Head Canon

would have liked one direction but would have kept it on the down low until he found out gary liked it, then would have made fun of gary until gary caught him mouthing every word and would have been like YOU FUCKING LIAR and then they would get really drunk and sing every song together’

i think i just wrote a mini fanfic

  • Unpopular opinion

we’re soulmates

  • An oh-god-please-dont-ever-happen


  • My nickname for them

he never got a name even in canon so HOW CAN I GIVE HIM A NICKNAME