Our Best Man and my Man of Honor, two of my closest friends since before my fiancé and I were together. The two of them, along with Cj, are what got me through my worst times in college when I was really struggling with my anxiety and agoraphobia. I don’t know what I would have done without them.

I had the same earring in since I got my cartilage pierced eight years ago, on my 18th birthday. lol.

I had to take it out on my honeymoon at discovery cove so the Dolphin wouldn’t try and eat it and I lost it. So we drove around the sketchiest part of Orlando looking for a tattoo place so I could buy a new one. It was torture getting it back in after only like half a day and I had to stretch the earring just to get it over my earlobe so then the ball didn’t fit on it anymore.

Then I had it in for a few months and on Christmas it got stuck on my hat, and the only way to untangle it was to take the earring out and I couldn’t get it back on at the party… and then I completely forgot about it for about a week. It feels like it’s almost closed up already. :/