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smoaking billionaires 8

roommates au

Felicity curled her feet underneath herself, as she flipped through her queue on Netflix. She pulled the blanket down from the back of the couch and placing it over herself. She lifted her head as she heard the bedroom door open. She threw Tommy a sorry glance as he stumbled into her vision, headed toward the kitchen.

“Did I wake you,” she asked, sitting up to watch him.

He didn’t say anything. Instead, Felicity watched as he moved around the kitchen almost on autopilot. Grabbing a bowl, pouring in the sugary cereal that definitely belonged to her and not him most mornings, and pouring milk in.

“Tommy,” she asked, placing her feet on the floor as she moved to get up.

“I got it,” Oliver’s voice stopped her as he moved into the kitchen. She watched as Oliver grabbed the bowl from Tommy’s hands, placing it on the counter. His lips pressed against Tommy’s neck, as he whispered something into his ear. Tommy nodded slowly, and it was then that Felicity realized Tommy didn’t actually look awake. Oliver laughed lowly, his arm wrapping around Tommy’s waist as he lead him back to their bedroom.

Felicity sat back down on the couch, not surprised when Oliver walked right back out of the room and sat next to her.

“When did you get out of bed?”

“An hour ago? I couldn’t fall asleep.” Felicity shifted her body until she was leaning against the arm rest of the couch, her feet curled up in Oliver’s lap. “What was that exactly?”

“Sometimes Tommy sleep eats.”

“Sleep eats?”

“Raisa swore he was going to give her a heart attack when we were kids. Always finding him half-zombied out in the kitchen.”

“I’ve lived with you guys for three years,” Felicity started. “I’ve been sleeping in the same bed as you two for a year and a half.”

“Yes,” Oliver confirmed, waiting for her to make her point.

“Why haven’t I ever noticed this before?”

“Do you have any idea how hard it is to wake you up?”

“Well not all of can be freakishly light sleepers,” she teased. “I’m just saying three years. Any other major secrets you two keeping from me?”

“I don’t think Tommy’s weird sleep patterns count as a major secret.”

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I'm sorry I know nothing about Supernatural, nor do I have anything sugary sweet at the moment... But I do have a potentially distracting question? I've been stalking your tags like a creeper & was wondering if you could talk about your change of heart re: Iris. You mentioned internalized misogyny in some tags, and I'd love to hear from the perspective of someone who took time to love her. What jumped out at you first and how did the change come about? (You can answer privately/publicly/however)

You’re super cute oh my word. I’m going to post this under a read more because it got MASSIVE.

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Because no one falls in love with a one night stand and that’s all I ever seem to be. I look pretty through vodka a smoke, but come morning, the headache takes over and you just want someone to take care of you, so I leave because smudged eyeliner and old perfume isn’t comforting and in no world would your mother approve. I’m not the type that meets the family or makes you breakfast. I’m drunk lust, high love, and a few kisses away from the lip gloss disappearing and showing you the monster that you won’t bother to tame. You leave the wild things to be free, when you’re ready to settle you’ll find yourself sweet sugary manners, a lady that your momma loves. She will breath beautiful wisps of love and care, and only then will you realize that you have to be tame too, and you’ll miss the bursts of exciting fire that exploded through one time girls like me.

That’s why I don’t trust you. I don’t need a stray cat looking for love. One day I’ll find someone colder than ice, and all the candy heart girls in the world won’t be enough to tame him. He’ll need my fire. Together we’ll be the storm of heat and frost that balances each other out and makes beauty. Rainbows created from our kisses, light emanating from our hugs. But he won’t fall in love with me. No one falls in love with me. He will make love. Forge it in his icy heart and I’ll never burn too much for him, just as he’ll never freeze me. So go on kitten, play with me, then find your sweetheart. I’ll just burn on till my storm comes along.

—  Why we’re not meant to be.

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73 and 76!

  • 73. What’s something sweet you’d like someone to do for you?

Take me guitar amp shopping! That would be sweet in all sense of the word. Sweet as in sugary and Sweet as in ‘Dude….sweet.’ Because I have no idea what I am doing and I need someone to hold my hand. Also I just like hanging out, so if someone just wanting to hang out with me, doing dumb shit all day, that would make me so happy.

  • 76. What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for someone?

I am a very willing airport pick up/drop of participant and I would do that for anyone. Is that sweet? Also I like making little zines for my pals for their birthdays and such. Little personalised ones in which I tell them all the reasons why I love them!

starburst roasting

roasting starbursts is like roasting marshmallows. but on hard mode.


what you’ll need: starbursts, a long roasting apparatus, hot coals

step 1. stoke that fire and watch it burn. you don’t want a fresh fire to roast these bad-boys. you’ll need the intense heat and love that can only be given by seasoned and experienced logs, after they’ve broken down into white-hot coals with that magical orange glow.

step 2. unwrap your starburst of choice and carefully jab it onto your roasting apparatus. be careful not to jab yourself. heating your apparatus before placement can make this easier.

step 3. find the hottest spot in those coals and place your starburst as close as you can to them. close like friends who respect each others space but also wouldn’t mind cuddling. keep your roasting apparatus as horizontal as possible to prevent loss of starburst. watching tasty, sugary goo burn at the bottom of a fire can break even the stoniest of hearts.

step 4. your starburst will start to caramelize like a middle school lab experiment. immediately. if your starburst isn’t a hot bubbly mess within 3 seconds, your coals are not hot enough. once the bubbles are so abundant they drip off your starburst, remove from coals and cool as quickly as possible. delayed cooling is the #1 killer of roasted starbursts.

step 5. do not touch your starburst. after removal, your starburst will be a hot gooey mess until it cools and crunchifies. even at temperatures that would normally leave you unscathed, hot goo extends the time heat contacts your skin and can leave you with burns. be patient. be safe. it’s worth it.

step 6. devour your starburst in one bite and marvel at how this juicy, chewy morsel is transformed into a crunchy square with a smooth, gooey middle.


starbursts are a great campfire alternative if you or someone in your group doesn’t like (or has dietary restrictions preventing them from having) s’mores.

if you don’t have access to a fireplace or campfire, you may be able to roast starbursts with a candle and some aluminum foil. it will be more like frying starbursts, but it’s the caramelization of the sugar you’re looking for.

do not roast starbursts over the open flame of your stove or otherwise without foil to protect it.

Headcanon that Barry has a veritable encyclopedia of brownie recipes in his head. He has at least three cookbooks above his stove entirely devoted to brownies. He watches the Food Network religiously, looking for new brownie recipes, or cupcake recipes he can appropriate. He can’t cook or bake anything else for the life of him, but he makes really good brownies.

Naturally Iris is to blame. Not that she’s sorry.


The holidays are a time full of sugary goodness, yummy spiked ‘nog, and mulled wine (and you won’t believe how many calories are in your favorite holiday snacks). Many of us see this time of the year as a time to be carefree, indulge, and enjoy the merriment with our loved ones. This guy is totally into it:

"I feel you."

Encased Dreams to the Window of Reality | ©2014

I fell in and out of love, and yet I still flounder. A love that was mortally painful, but impossibly desirable to surrender to. A love that would never be, yet is always taunting me?  I rue the day I had met you; I have cried since the day I left you.  The feelings that seemed to burst forth from the depths of my soul has quenched the fire of denial from within; a lie I say to myself in order to be delirious and to be far away from the wisps of your presence. You are forbidden and I cannot compete, nor do I wish for the apple that is there to take, lest I damage the very nature and fragile core of the entity.


I stand in peril within the forest of memories, wishing for more and stripping my scratched, bleeding skin for less. Embellished with sugary sweetness of dreams entwined like slender tendrils diving into the depths of my soul, it has taken root and slowly started to spread like a cancerous sickness within my mind. I stand in the lushness and greenery, hoping for the best only to have my prayers and voices unanswered to the endless void.

I let the steady tears drip from my face, keeping the seamless purity remain untainted, until they turn into charcoal as they hit with a resounding thud as diamonds on the moss covered ground. I stand frozen, letting the wind to gently brush them aside as I remain unmoving, a silent statue of pleas remaining forever still.


And I let my mind wander—towards the freedom that the blue birds inherently have, and the unity the golden honey ants seem to innately present. For what am I missing, that these lesser creatures seem to possess? I see the scars and imperfections marring my internal being, yet I also see the capability my heart has to remain stable and to keep on beating.


But how to present that forth; to let others know of my desires to be cherished and held, as well of me to hold and cherish others when they fall down? I have helped myself up when I fell down, only to see that there were never really people there to reach out and give me a hand. And I want that changed—am I to remain forever in solitude, away from the community that hast ousted me? Of the people who had shaped me to be and to feel?


I wish naught for this. I wish to remain how I was before, naïve and stupid before the knowledge that of which I gained. For the knowledge hurts too much to be empowering., and the truth piercingly so. I wish for the abstinence of love and knowing love. For where there is seemingly love, the opposite is sure to follow: ostracism, rejection, and pains of dreaming, when reality is as short as a sword thrust into the gut. For I was never that lucky to have my dreams come true.

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3: What's your OCs favorite food? 4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic? 5: How old is your OC?

3.  I feel like I probably answer this question slightly differently every time it’s asked.  Probably because that’s what I do IRL too. XD  Nik generally likes sweets, especially dried fruits and things like that.  For proper meals, he has surprisingly fancy tastes for a death knight.  Presumably, due to the fact that despite being the son of a noble, he wasn’t actually spoiled nor did he often get to enjoy the magistry’s fineries.  So now he’s like that guy who never got sugary cereals as a kid so he buys nothing but Cookie Crisp. 

4.  He’d probably prefer plastic.  When you work with the Scourge, drippy, oozy, or just-plain-slimy stuff is going to happen.  Paper can’t hold up to that.  …this sounds like a Bounty commercial.  XD

5.  My eyes kind of glaze when trying to figure out elf ages, and how long ago this-or-that happened.  So I’ll do that safe thing and say he LOOKS about 25.  But with elves aging more slowly, and him being dead, his actual age is unknown.  …even to me. 

Thank you for the asks!

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Im going on my first date with a girl tomorrow and am super nervous! We are going out to dinner. Any tips for the evening?

Don’t be nervous, you’re going to be okay! Be excited, you’re going to have such a good time :)

First things first, make sure you’re looking your best. Wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident! Order food and beverages that aren’t messy or have ingredients with smells that will linger later (try to avoid spaghetti, peppers, onions, garlic, beans, etc.). I also advise to not order carbonated, sugary, or strong drinks. I’m kind of a weirdo and I like to come up with conversation topics beforehand in case it gets silent or awkward. And this is kind of a little detail, but put your phone on silent and don’t check it until afterwards! Don’t make chivalry seem dead; make sure you open the door for her, pull out her chair, compliment her, and stuff like that! Personally, I love that! And of course, always offer to pay because it’s just polite :) After the date is over, walk her to her door and wait for her to go inside so you make sure she made it safely in her home. If kissing her at the end of the date feels right, make it just a little kiss. Not too sloppy or crazy. Save that for after future dates ;) And don’t listen to that “wait x amount of days/weeks to text or call her” crap. I think it’s sweet when someone texts me when they get back to their place or the next morning and tells me they had a great time! Don’t play any games like that. If you like her, show her! Just go with the flow, you know?

I’m not really an expert on dating, but I hope this helped out a little bit! Good luck and let me know how it goes!! :D