Yesterday I saw about 5 guys total……each time 2hr+ back to back, maybe a 15 min break.

I was dead after.

I had appointments today I canceled them all. I was going to cancel tomorrow as well but I kept them last minute.

I’m quite far from the springy 19/20 year old I was way back when…..

Shit was real….Every one was super kinky and once guy even got me to the point where I gaged and threw up on him…Ugh…I don’t want to say how it happened but I gotta say guys can be disgusting when they are horny…

But the money I made…..

I actually caved and bought a LV wallet then went back and got a Chanel. Then I ordered a Herve on sale…..Then I tried to buy an Hermes wallet but caught myself….

But I’m set to make the same amount again tomorrow if not more, a lady friend of mine is having a private escort party and we will see how that goes. Get a bigger client list and go more places.

But after a talk with another person, it had me rethink the agency idea. 

I’m just too out of things to continue working like a madwoman but I’m good at managing. 

It was suggested that I find 2-3 girls and just manage them and take a cut. More like an assistant than anything, I can be involved but not too involved.

The only problem is that where do I find said girls.

and then in order to see consistant profit theyd have to be low - mid range or high volume which no one wants.

I mean I could groom them a bit like manage them and teach them to go off on their own but I really don’t want to be a mentor. I just want ladies who want money and know a few things end point. Or established girls looking for more or help. but saying that is so counter productive because I’d end up like one anyway……grrrr….

But still, the person I talked with had a point, I could make any thing make some kind of money. Maybe I’ll start with one girl groom her for mid range and get her a few clients a week as a tester then branch off and refine.

MEHHH….I’m so on the fence and feel like it wont work….but in a small way I love the idea of managing a small set of girls like  Hollywood Madam. lol

But in other news, more Travel! I’m going from the East to the mid west to the west to the south and back east to the north to the west and I don’t even know what, my BF has become my travel planner because I just can’t keep up any more. #JetSetLife

POTs always say “I’m just into younger women.” And they say it like they are unique. As if no other older man has ever admitted such a thing before.

Bitch, that’s how us sugars make our money. You are not special.