So for my 16th birthday party, I attempted to invite Taylor Swift, but it’s kinda hard to get her to actually see it. So since she didn’t see it, obviously she wouldn’t actually come, but my aunts and my sister surprised me with an entire dessert table that was Taylor Swift themed. I literally couldn’t be happier. They spent the whole night putting everything together and I can’t thank them enough. We only had like three different desserts planned for the party, and next thing you know, they surprise me with a whole table! My sister made the little signs so it would look like a polaroid picture. I honestly can’t thank them enough. I started to tear up when I saw it. I would’ve started balling but that party was barely starting and I had make up on. And then on top of all this already, my sister surprised me with Taylor Swift tickets at midnight since my birthday is actually on November 23, but we celebrated on the 22nd. Like I legit can’t. When she showed me, I literally became an emotional wreck. I am sooo blessed and grateful. I love you soo much Taylor! It would’ve been fun if you came, but I’ll see you at Jingle Ball and on August 21, 2015! taylorswift