Okay this is 2 months old so I’m going to snippet the tale of its ending up here.

I was looking through my old art, right?

[10:34:29 PM] Choco: thing I don’t think I posted or sent to you even wwoah
[10:34:35 PM] Ashkatomb: :o
[10:34:40 PM] Ashkatomb: I feel so rejected
[10:34:50 PM] Choco: you were asleep if I didn’t send it <_<
[10:35:32 PM] *** Choco sent super lame thing I never sent you.png ***
[10:36:06 PM] Ashkatomb: :O SHIPPY ART
[10:36:10 PM] Ashkatomb: SHIPPY ART <33333
[10:36:15 PM] Choco: do you remember seeing it
[10:36:17 PM] Ashkatomb: NO
[10:36:27 PM] Choco: memory serves correctly then
[10:36:41 PM] Ashkatomb: WHY
[10:36:47 PM] Ashkatomb: WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS
[10:36:53 PM] Ashkatomb: NO IT’S NOT

And then
[10:38:05 PM] Ashkatomb: shippy aaaaart
[10:38:12 PM] Ashkatomb: shippyyyyy aaaaaaart
[10:38:32 PM] Choco: would you like it tumbld?
[10:38:36 PM] Ashkatomb: yes.
[10:38:44 PM] Choco: cod

omg saucy Gemini boys are SO MUCH FUN, OTP RP my god

half the time you give me all the feelings,

half the time you give me all the boners.

all the time you make me so happy i have the best damned moirail on the planet, and we do awesome roleplaying together


glorious, glorious saucy Geminis. Sollux and Psi are so quality, my god they’re so fun AND I LOVE HOW THEY MESS WITH KARKAT AND SIGNLESS IT IS SO WONDERFUL THEY JUST TURN THEM INTO LITTLE FROTHY RAGE MACHINES, OTP.

Cherii I love you and your saucy golden boys so much…

oh my god they are literal golden boys

this calls for some art



Kafele: The youngest of the six teens, he was the runt of his hatchmates. He had a massive growth spurt however, and is now the tallest and broadest of his siblings. He’s one of the more level-headed trolls in the house, and is generally a fairly quiet troll, content to leave the chaos to the others. He inherited Kankri’s bright red blood, and it is speculated whether or not he also inherited the same child-bearing capabilities. 

Aolinn and Avneer: AKA, the twins. Which one’s which, does it matter? The twins tend to be counted as a singular troll instead of two separate ones. They’ve been practically joined at the hip since they hatched, at the exact same time. The twins are the main trouble makers of the bunch, usually pulling pranks on their family members (though Kafele is their main victim.)

Honeye: The middle child, though he only earned this title due to the Twins being considered a single unit. Honeye, like Kafele, is more level headed than most his siblings, generally fairly shy and quiet.

Toneto: The second oldest of the group, Toneto is a massive flirt, though it;s toned down quite a bit since he became flushed a rustblood named Layla. He tends to play moderator between his youngest and eldest brothers, as the two can’t seem to see eye to eye on anything. His blood color can almost pass as purple, and as such he has small ear fins and non-functioning gills on his neck.

Sepped: The eldest and highest blooded of the six. He inherited his birth father’s purple blood, making him the only true sea-dweller of the group. He is a grumpy and independent troll,and wants to go live on his own as soon as possible. Due to their conflicting natures, he and Kafele are in a constant state of fighting, and if it weren’t for the fact that they were siblings, it could almost be mistaken for full on caliginous flirting.