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Has depression become the new trend? I find it coming out more lately, especially in vulnerable teens on Tumblr with their poetry and lifestyle. I'm not denying that depression can be exasperating for sufferres, and I try hard not to judge what other people are going through, but when people romanticize depression and use it for popularity that just tells me that they never went through it. Have a good rest of the day, Fa6mm.

Well, I’ve noticed that among a lot of teenagers since I’ve been into this website, I’m no position to judge something I’ve never been through, but it doesn’t take a genius to guess that a big number of those teenagers are actually romanticizing the idea or this kind of lifestyle, I don’t know if it’s for grabbing someone’s attention or any other reason. I guess that for those of teenagers who are doing this, they have to wake up at some point right? It should be just a phase but I repeat again that I’m in no position to judge something I’ve never been through. Have a nice day anon.


These are some photos taken from this morning. My eczema isn’t extremely bad but these pictures do not give it justice. I have seen worse, but if I am uncomfortable with my skin then so what?
I have only just found out about TSW and I have decided to give it a go. The process looks horrifying but if it means I will have normal skin by the end of it then I am willing to try. I am on day two of TSW and will randomly update you woth progress. I want to get to you some fellow sufferrs and want to talk to you personally about your eczema or TSW, so please do say hello!

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and im sorry if you made that post with intent of just venting without wanting any responses. i try to stay in my lane but relate so much and thought i could help. im done now tho lol stay up love

you’re totally fine. thanks again! :)