"Can´t promise that things won´t be broken, but I swear I will never leave."

Sleeping With Sirens - If I´m James Dean, you´re Audrey Hepburn

happyau! where bilbo’s about to begin his return trip to the shire and thorin’s finally fessed up the courage to ask him to stay in erebor

 but being the  awkward lump he is would then he’d probably go on a three hour long tirade like “mr. baggins you have helped us much during this quest good burglary good thieving you are a good burglar and may i ask well it’s only a suggestion just a suggestion obviously you will not be pressured into this or have any obligation hitherto to fulfil this request but would you perhaps consider—” and by this time bilbo’s totally tuned out and thorin is running out of time so he blows his cool and just goes 


and bilbo’s just, “okay thorin that’s grea- WHAT”


Making this gifset, I remembered when I first became interested in Arashi and had thought ‘Aiba is so incredibly average you almost forget about him!’ but now, watching this frame by frame, and thinking of what an incredible spirit and determination he has, all I can think is ‘this is a truly beautiful person.’

Happy Birthday, Aiba Masaki! May you continue emanating light and joy!