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I have a friend in that guild. I would rather you not throw the whole group under the bus, thanks.

Anon, your friend’s guild leader is someone who is well-documented as being a serial abuser and sexual harasser. And no, I don’t mean “sends naughty whispers”, I mean “lures women into camchats with his dick out” and “audibly masturbates on ventrilo”.

I will gladly throw the entire guild tag “under the bus”. Saying it again: <The Will of Dath’remar> is led by a notorious creep, and you should be skeptical of anybody with that tag.


Hello, yes someone please explain #blackout to me because I am hella interested in learning (and in having a beautiful dash holy shit)

Summary: They were together, just the two of them; reality seemed to be too far away. Only Louis and his Curly Princess, lost in a little world where chances still existed, dreams weren’t broken and a life together was more than just a wish.

Luckily for them, Louis didn’t believe in wasted dreams.

(Or the one where Harry wants a baby, Louis is very good with rhymes, Zayn thinks Louis is tacky and everything seems to be a fairytale, but it’s not.)

Words: 8685

Pairing: Harry/Louis

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Chloe Dungate tells the modern day horror story, but this monster (voiced by me) comes in tuscan style tomato flavour.

Okay, so I just finished watching Markiplier’s playthrough of OFF! for the first time and just had my heart utterly rIPPED OUT OF MY CHEST thank you. Well. I guess it’s time to draw some fanart.

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I’ve kind of stayed away from the modern who side of the fandom lately, my mind has been on big finish and especially Benny, so I don’t know what most peoples opinion of this series actually was. Its my fave modern who series but i’m prob in minority

I don’t know either tbh. No doubt there are plenty of intense arguments about its quality on both sides, but it’s always been that way with Doctor Who (and basically any other fandom really).

Of course, one of the advantages of the DW universe is that it is simply massive. There’s certainly a lot more to it than the TV episodes and I’m more than happy to continue exploring the huge range of audio stories and novels myself.

I actually think you guys are my boss,let’s be honest you’re the reason I have a job.if I don’t make content,or I don’t make good content you’re gonna move on to someone else.and in a sense I’ll get “fired” and a lot of youtubers like to boast “I’m my own boss” Bullshit! your viewers are your boss,they give you a job.they can take it yes in a sense you guys are my boss and that terrifies me
—  Jack Douglass (Jacksfilms) I never thought about it like that wow