I’ve never thought about life the way I’ve been thinking about it lately. You could call it progress because of my previous suicidal thoughts, but I don’t. I don’t know if it’s because of my maturity levels rising, if it’s just because I’ve always been curious, I don’t know if it’s because maybe my years of high school are coming to a close, maybe it’s just all the sad songs that I’ve been listening to. Whatever it is the answers to all my questions will soon be unveiled.


I recorded and dedicated this song to everyone going through something. That means everyone in the world. Sometimes things get really bad. There are day’s you don’t want to leave your bed, days that your heart hurts so much you feel like throwing up. Day’s like you feel you will just breakdown from the slightest thing. You are never alone. Ever. I hope this song helps a little


detsantiago replied to your post:the skyeward scene was mad creepy and the writers…

it was so problematic because ward the abuse victim tried to kill himself and peopel don’t seem to care at all?? and even worse was “you should have run faster” like no you don’t say taht to mentally ill sucuide victim

when i first watched the scene, i have to admit i kinda didn’t care about what he was saying because he was coming off so creepy and even the writers said they played it that way but after finishing the ep i do want him to get better and hope they don’t keep playing the skyeward dynamic this season all creepy.