Slight spoilers for unfriended/ my review

So I went and saw unfriended. And im a puss right like I hid for most of the movie. Guys next to me had a good laugh, but whatever. It wasn’t the best horror film I’ve seen, but not the worst by far.
But just a warning, if you haven’t seen the trailer or heard of the plot, a girl commits suicide and then her ghost goes after the people she feels are responsible, and cause them to commit sucuide. It does show all of the deaths. If you are triggered by such a thing this movie is not for you. However it is your run of the mill horror film. The plot had been used before, and I haven’t seen people so pissed at something like this in a while. While there are triggers in this movie there are triggers in every movie, and that is no reason to boycott the darn thing. However it is a reason to do your research. Also can they really count as sucuide if a ghost made them do it? Is that not murder?
Anyways it wasn’t a bod movie and it had its funny parts. If you like horror films and aren’t easily triggered it’s something you will most likely like.