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Hi. Your artwork is great. I was wondering the hotie sucking on the Popsicle at the enter or leave on you site, the same one at the top of your tumblr, will there be more of her? thank you.

It’s a young version of Katherine, and yes you might see more of her in the future.

I was reading through some of my nice messages from yesterday and I’m over here laughing because a lot of them were saying I’m ‘Nice’ and stuff, but ya’ll never seen my insults that I give to my IRL friends lmao here’s a few of my favorites (Note that we’re talking about prom dresses and how mine looks like water and my friends going as Neo) *Under a readmore cuz I curse a lot to my friends lol, it’s all in good fun but damn am I horrible with insults omfg*

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Hey so I've been really thinking about getting my tongue pierced lately but I don't know anyone who has one. I've been searching them on here and just was wondering if you had any tips or regrets about getting yours pierced?

I have no regrets at all lol I love it any tips? Uhm uh I have no idea lol it didn’t hurt when I got it like a quick little pinch but not enough for me to jump or anything. only painful part is like the 2nd day when it’s really swollen and tender u can’t even like suck on a Popsicle so I just drank water as much as I could. and use mouthwash alcohol free after everything u eat for like a month. hope this helps 😊😊

currently losing weight in the wrong places. sigh. this popsicle diet sucks and my stomach won’t stop growling. halp. 

lego-joker asked:

Discuss the Importance of Being Frank (Miller). Please?

Honesty is always important, my lad. One must not hesitate to mock the dirty gays and the liberals and crudely mock the Occupy Wall Street movement if that is what your hearts tells you. Even if it makes no sense whatsoever and showcases plain ignorance and blatant disregard for other people.

That was all sarcasm, by the way. Frank can suck a big, dickflavored Popsicle.

As for Franky’s authorship, in his day there was a sense of humanism in his better works that I really do admire. Frank is one of very few authors I know that has made Batman believably capable without forgetting that he feels pain like the rest of us and has to be smart to survive. And his Batman was never a complete dickweed either; even in The Dark Knight Returns most to all of the characters involved were nuanced. And again, it’s really gratifying to see Batman’s tactics and how he works without pinning it all on money and farfetched superscience. There’s a mundane effort to it that I really appreciate, down-to-earth tactics pulled off with limited and simple resources. You talked with Mothy about a similar topic some time ago, and I really do agree in that regard. Batman looks good breaking a sweat, and I think that goes to most superheroes to some degree. There’s a few things one could learn from Miller, or for that matter the better moments of Knightfall.

Of course, very few seem to think so today, and if they do they seem to misunderstand it. And that makes me a sad panda. Oh, well, at least folks like Jonathan Larsen shows up every once in a while. Even if he was pushing it.

Still bad-ass.

freddyshadzbear asked:

Do 10 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Weeeellll, my sona has a talent yes

They fucks like a champion


they algo do rly gooooooooodddddd attt uuuummmmm widdle diddle (y’kno, rly good at sucking popsicles, ye, ice cream :DDDDDDDDDDDDD)

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Never *I kiss you again* When we're tanning outside today, I want to blow you as you suck on a popsicle

*I grin* Alright. Breakfast first though. *I turn over and pick up the phone, calling room service for breakfast and coffee. When I hang up, I turn back to you. So, should I not bother with a swim suit then?

Peaches and Cream - Part 1

“When’s the baby gonna be born, Etta?” Tasha swung her legs over the side of the pier, not quite reaching the water.
“Probably in the next week or so.”
“You excited?”
Etta shrugged, with a slight frown on her face.
“You aren’t even excited for your baby to be born?”
“I am excited.”
“You don’t look it,” said Tasha, sucking a popsicle stick.
“I’m just, I guess a little…

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