Doctor Who Roundup: Behind the Scenes of Series 9

If you’re not following us on Instagram (@Doctorwho_BBCA), here’s a look at some of the super secret behind the scenes pictures we’ve posted over the past few weeks. We can’t tell you what any of these things are just yet (because spoilers) but we look forward to reading your theories and seeing what you guise think is going on. 

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OH MY GOD ITS A VLOG VLOG!!! The Vlog Vlog is back with some cast interviews that will lead through the end of the series, when the behind the scenes vlogs will be released. SO EXCITED!!!

Today, we chat with the HBIC herself, Shannon! CHECK IT OUT!

buttastic asked:

to chime in on the gnosticism thing I think calliope will have echidna since calliope is consistently represented as a sophia figure in contrast with caliborns yaldabaoth. like I don't think she would need to have a third option since she's literally the passive creator fostering life and liberty from behind the scenes

neat! i agree it seems like yaldaboath and echidna have been set up in very recent updates as foils so it would… make a lot of sense for calliope/caliborn

oh yeah sure but in ww the only dungeons referred to as temples are the ones that actually are temples ya know what I mean? like they call the two sage dungeons temples and then they actually design them to be like temples, have ur goal be based around the fact that it’s a temple and also have the end scene and situation be all temple-y which is neat, wind waker rules wind waker the best

101 Things I Love About ATLA

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love ATLA

#48: This neat scene cut in “The Avatar State,” which transitions from Aang ascending in the avatar state directly to Zuko leaping upward into a fire attack:

I hadn’t noticed this neat visual connection between Aang and Zuko until my most recent rewatch. 


Come say hello to Emma, our lovely Foley artist for the Opulence Theater and also just a delightful human. Check it out!

Watched RWBY today, outside of some neat combat scenes it was… pretty lukewarm. Like not bad or boring but not exactly entertaining which I suppose is one of the worst things a medium of entertainment can be.

Community S06E11 - Modern Espionage

edit from samanthapanther

Everybody, paintball is back! 

  • I love how they allowed all the supporting cast we know and love, Todd, Star-burns, Vicki and Garret etc. to have a certain screen time.
  • Every time the group mentioned paintball made me giggles. They just enjoyed the tradition as much as we do. 
  • Jeff was such a tease. He kept saying he refused to participate, yet shot several guys with neatness. Great action scene! 
  • Poor dean! (when he said no one respected him anymore since Frankie had been around)
  • I love all the in-jokes and reference!!! Meowmeowbeanz, Fight Club, Batmans, to name a few. 
  • I really like Abed and Annie together, on-screen and off-screen. 

edit from thediaryoflaurapalmer

Among all the references, I love the elevator scene the most. I LOVE Captain America: The Winter Soldier. This scene was an excellent tribute to the same scene in CA2. Do I have to say the interesting relationship of Community with the acclaimed superhero flick? I adore the Russo Bro so much. Maybe I have over-analyzed it. I can’t help but think of the Winter Soldier when they mentioned the spy, Silverball. Maybe they both have silver in common, or maybe I just love Bucky so much.

edit from anniedayplanner

Paintball is what all human beings love. Well, except the custodians. This episode gave enough credits to those work their ass off after all the fun we had. I laughed so hard when the custodian was first introduced to Jeff by Frankie. Poor custodians. We all love you, as much as we love paintball. 

edit from timelordsfallnomore

Enough with the praise, I always noticed something not-yet-perfect in the Yahoo’s season. Maybe it’s the episode length. Maybe it’s about espionage. This long-awaited paintball episode is less intense than its counterparts. I was not excited for the gala scene or the final encounter with the Silverball at all. Elroy & Britta’s kitchen battle was OK. So did Annie and Abed’s club/hallway scene. The only one I enjoyed was the study room scene. It was HILARIOUS. 

I understand this episode revolves around the whole espionage concept. They wanted to create an atmosphere of the giant storm of painballs secretly forming in the everyday-ordinary campus. Well, I can’t see everybody in Greendale was a part of the war, nor the everyone-could-be-Silverball kind of suspense. The only participants in the Great Grand Paintball Battle were the main group, the custodians, as well as the familiar supporting cast. It just didn’t hit the mark, which had been set so high by its predecessors. I just wish it could go even crazier and more over-the-top. 


That’s neat that these scenes are going to overlap and they’re both going to happen while the characters are eating potatoes.

I feel like there’s a vocabulary word I learned in high school that describes this. I was always pretty good at vocabulary though so maybe not.

lonelyarchitect replied to your post: i really need a thingy where i can pla…

I don’t know if this is the kind of help you need but ywriter is a handy-dandy organising software that’s free as far as I know and you can organise characters, chapter, scenes, timelines, and all that jazz, it’s really neat :)

i just downloaded it and it does look super awesome, but it’s a lil bit confusing. i’ll try and work it out! thank you :)


i was really hoping some of the scenes were actual prosthesis since it was really neat (also i never looked up the actress after the movie so i guess shame on me) but that’s still really neat.

Snowboarding the clouds is so much cooler than normal snowboarding

If there is no snow to snowboard it only makes sense to hook yourself onto a helicopter and take your snowboarding to the clouds. Watch as stuntman Wildman Adrian Cenni carves on clouds 6,000 feet in the air while the helicopter flings him around at 80mph. It looks so sick. Like a human Silver Surfer or something.

The stunt was done as a spot for Happy Socks. Still so cool.

And here’s some neat behind the scenes footage:

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