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Headcanon: fanboy!Cisco. He's so in awe with the Flash and the Arrow as their own superheros that when he finds out they're actually a couple he can't help but be over excited and constantly taking pictures and coming up with names ('cause every super couple needs to have one) and bragging about it and causing Barry and Oliver all sorts of embarassments with his questions.

oh god, could you imagine!!

cisco is honestly living the DREAM of helping superheroes, and he’s just really happy over the fact that he can help barry be the flash. i mean: HOW COOL IS THAT? helping superheroes help people? hella cool. cisco absolutely loves this ‘job’ of his, and his fanboy instincts are only heightened whenever team arrow come over!! the amounts of times that cisco has ended up snagging himself one of oliver’s arrows just to fiddle around with them are endless. 

but mAN, cisco loves helping barry (and oliver!). so imagine the way he fanboys when he discovers barry and oliver are together? not even gonna lie, tbh, cisco likes to say he totally called it!! it’s not even a surprise that everyone on team flarrow is absolutely obsessed with oliver and barry’s relationship.

cisco has a FIELD DAY when it comes to making ship names for oliver and barry. he and everyone in team flarrow gets super into it, too. cisco, caitlin, roy, and iris (and eddie, even if he doesn’t mind as long as barry’s happy y’feel) are honestly petitioning for ‘barriver’; while diggle, felicity, and thea are adamant on it being ‘olivarry’. but mostly, cisco is in the corner, shouting at the top of his lungs that it’s ‘lightning mcqueen’ as laurel sighs affectionately, causing barry to crack up and oliver to stare in confusion because uh what

MAN, when cisco finds out how barry agreed to helping oliver (the ‘whenever wherever’ line), he blasts the shakira song at 100% volume whenever barry or oliver (or both) walk into the room; which causes oliver to sigh and barry to laugh!! and one time, cisco jokingly questions barry about his vibrating abilities and his sex life, and barry GOES SO RED that he starts phasing out!! thea, roy, and cisco TOTALLY go out of their way to embarrass barry and oliver, as iris, laurel, felicity and caitlin laugh together before ditching everyone for smoothies.

Best things about tonight so far (which I now can't finish watching Raw 😢)

Roman winning on his birthday

Sassy Roman Reigns (😍)

Ambreigns tag team

Dean having no chill

Roman’s new moves

Booker T fanboying over Dean Ambrose

WWE Fandom wanting to punch JBL in the face for saying shit about Dean.

(Err, well I do! I don’t care if Seth does but when JBL does, I just wanna punch him. I know it’s character)

      Mad Max: Fury Road is the fourth installment in the Mad Max franchise, minus a Mel Gibson. Well, it’s more like a reboot. We find Max (Tom Hardy) on the road with his car with long hair, long beard and all, and he’s being chased after those who have taken over that particular side of the post-apocalyptic desert. He’s haunted by his past, all the while being kidnapped. Imperator Furiosa (Charlize Theron) has fled the scene to show her four friends the green land. Immortan Joe (Hugh Keays-Byrne) does not take this lightly and has an entire army chase after her. Once Max and Furiosa meet, they team up to get to the childhood homeland.

      I haven’t fanboyed so much over an action film probably since Django Unchained. We finally have a new action classic. Yes, this is the fourth in the franchise. Have I seen the other three films? Honestly I have not, but you don’t need to to have a great time with this. As I said, it’s much more like a reboot in a sense, and it’s the most fun you will have with an action film all summer. Fire shoots out of a guys guitar, the sequences with the cars are all put together with immense talent, the cinematography is beyond breathtaking, colorful dust is shot out of the pipes of the cars, just….everything is awesome! Did I mention a guitar shoots out fire? A GUITAR SHOOTS OUT FUCKING FIRE! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT?!

      Tom Hardy is an excellent replacement for Mel Gibson as the main protagonist. He is a man of few words and kicks ass. The minute you hear his opening monologue, you know you’re in for a good time. That being said, Charlize Theron might be the best one here. Her character is given so much depth, and you can tell that George Miller put a lot of thought into it. You root for her from the moment she pops up on screen. All you want her to do is get to the green place with her pals, and it’s glorious. Nicholas Holt does a fantastic job as well. At first you hate the guy, but the more you see of him you know all he wants is to be accepted in this insane world he was born in. 

      George Miller masterfully directs this film. He knew exactly what he was getting himself into, and he does not hold back. The entire film is mad from beginning to end, and I love that Miller put this out into the world. It’s like a Lady Gaga music video on crack, and it’s glorious. Thank you Geroge Miller. I love you. This film melted my brain.

Release Date: May 15, 2015

Rated R: for intense sequences of violence throughout, and for disturbing images.

Directed by: George Miller

Starring: Tom Hardy, Charlize Theron, Nicholas Hoult

Written by: George Miller, Brendan McCarthy, Nick Lathaouris

Running Time: 120 minutes

5 stars/5

TC Emoji Challenge

Err… Alright I’ll do it for N. and B.

⚽️💙 because we love the same football team (the Hamburger SV)
🐒❄️ because he likes the Arctic Monkeys
🍫🎲 because my friends and I gave him a little chocolate egg with a surprise in it once and he still has the little toy thing
💌 because I gave him an embarrassing love letter
🏀 because he loves sports and thinks I’m really good at basketball
🎨 because he loves arts (we both do)
🇬🇧 because he’s a English teacher

⚽️ because he’s really good at football
💚😁 because his favourite team is the SV Werder Bremen and we often argue about it
🎸 because he likes rock music
🐻 because he looks like this cute teddy bear sometimes
🐺 because he has a dog
💍 because he’s married
💻 because he’s a  fanboy
☀️ because he loves summer
😎 because he looks really hot when he wears sunglasses

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I loved Kim Min Jong's character in Gentleman's Dignity ; AA ; also coincidentally listening to the drama soundtracks right now .... lol

I like him haha, he’s so cute and awkward.

You should watch Reply 1994…..he comes out in it for a little bit…it’s really cute loooolll

he comes out as himself and the parents see him at a bbq restaurant and they’re like omg omg he’s a celebrity (and the dad is a baseball coach) and it turns out that Kim Min Jong is a huge fanboy of his baseball team and they get him to sing at their daughter’s wedding he’s really cute

Yamada OVA2

last time we left off Yamada and the gang were going to do a girl dance for the performance festival….if they are in last place their group gets DISBANDED DUN DUN DUN

- they really should of got that seven witches fanboy on their team


poor yamada I don’t think his dancing is that bad? He’s hitting all the steps right? Is my love blinding me????????

security guards be taking their jobs too seriously


oh no those crappots stole their costumes


she described the crappots perfectly; that one guy is flirty


“My lips are so soft” yes this is what you’re suppose to say when you get kissed by yourself

wow they got a prize for being last place which means Yamada was being hella dramatic lol

If you’re reading this, it’s not too late.

On February 13 2015, Drake unexpectedly dropped his new mixtape, If you’re reading this, it’s too late. In the past, artists would never drop an album without any marketing or hype. However, after Beyoncé did it and the internet went “cray cray”, she showed artists that sometimes the best marketing tactic is the element of surprise. Don’t expect artists to start firing their marketing teams just yet though, not everyone can just drop an album like that.

I would like to preface this by saying I am in no way a music reviewer, I literally know nothing about what good music is supposed to sound like. If you want a proper, scientific review of Drake’s album, read Micah Singleton’s review on The Verge. I’m just here to give you my biased opinion on it.

I’ve been a Drake fan for a while now. I’m not a die hard fanboy or anything, I just really like his music. I wasn’t that big a fan of Nothing was the Same, and till this day I stick with the idea that So far Gone was the best music he’s ever made. When I first listened to his latest album, I didn’t like it, at all. It just sounded like too far departed from the Drizzy I’m used to, the style of music that infuses mellow rap with dulcet vocals and an unobtrusive beat. Some of the songs in this mixtape had a hint of that, but on the whole just seemed completely different.

There was something about it though. So I didn’t just give up on it as I thought I would, I stuck with it and kept listening. That’s when it hit me, don’t listen to it keeping old Drake albums in mind. So I sat down, put on my ATH M50’s and listened to it again, from start to finish, with an open mind. By listening to it not as a Drake album but an actual rap album, something along the lines of J.Cole’s 2014 Forrest Hills Drive, it’s a pretty fucking great album. It’s confusing really, it signifies a more lyrically progressed version of Drake, while still hinting at some of the elements from So far Gone that made us fall in love with his music. What I love about this mixtape, more than the music that it contains, is that it shows people that Drake isn’t just a one trick pony. For years haters have stated that he isn’t a rapper, he just sometimes raps. If you’re reading this it’s too late is proof that, as Drake puts it, “got niggas reacting without a sinus cause what I’m working with is timeless.”.

This article first appeared on issue 2/2015 of Rabelais Magazine.