Got a couple succulents as a mom’s day gift for my boyfriend’s mom, who already has succulents in every possible space. I’m going to replant them in something cute and way bigger than their teensy two inch pots, and hope they do well.
Sempervivum something, maybe, who knows, not me? and Kalanchoe blossfeldiana “Calandiva.”

Small wave at one of my fav. blogs, saveyoursucculents, any idea what this is?

Wow!!! Baby Rubix is temporarily sold out already! Thank you guys so much! The other 2 sizes are still available and more of the babies should be in mid-May. ❤️❤️❤️ #succulents #terrarium #diy


Hi Save your Succulents,
Firstly let me me say I love your blog. It’s a lovely resource for beginners like myself.
If possible, can you help me id the attached succulents, please? Did I submit too many pics, lol? I’ve had most of these for a year or more, but I’m very frustrated because they aren’t growing babies or anything. Most of them just look the same. Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance! -es

I only received one photo, and it sounds like you sent more. Just reblog this post and attach the rest of the photos and I’ll IDing them.

I think this is a euphorbia greenwayi

Warning: Euphorbia sap is poisonous, so keep it away from animals, children, and drunks. Wear gloves when handling them, and wash off any sap that comes into contact with skin. If you get it in your eyes call poison control.

Read more about euphorbia poison