update on feminism activism

at school yesterday these guys I’m friends with were saying shit like ‘I’m all for equality but some of these feminists just have a stick up their ass like the guy landed a robot on the moon who cares about his shirt covered in women” 

and i completely took them down

well partly took one of them down (i don’t know him as well and he had to leave) completely destroyed the other with a 3 hour long phone call where i destroyed any bad ideas he had about feminism. he is now calling himself a feminist and he just now texted me a link to a really good feminist article he liked and thought i would like as well.


neonzephyr asked:

((Ewwww dead body! (lol for serious though, rad art! that zombie is great and gross and decomposed-looking. Like zombies should be.)) I also really dig the weird vibe the alien one is giving off.)