Inspiration is tricky, as you never know when or where it will strike.  It rarely hits when you need it, coming instead at random times and from random sources.  I tend to get my best ideas when I’m relaxed and engrossed in something totally unrelated to work.  More often than […]

Hospital Pro Tip #2

Never ask about the location, or absence, of a fellow student or resident when standing in front of an attending.  For example, looking around and saying aloud, “hmmm, where’s Eddie?” is innocuous in intent, but may throw someone under the bus.  Perhaps Eddie took a bathroom break, or went for coffee, or is just taking a nap.  But pointing out his absence in front of the attending suddenly makes his absence noticeable, which may lead to poor reviews or a good ole’ ass chewing.  You may be asking yourself, “why does that matter to me?”

For two reasons, A) you will invariably need someone to cover for you someday and B) teamwork requires unwavering trust in each other.  I speak from experience.

Hospital Pro Tip: Avoid innocently throwing people under the bus by asking stupid questions.