Working without any good music playing in the background is my idea of purgatory. So naturally, I procrastinated for a good ten minutes before I did anything productive, and there, I found SubTotal; a pop-rock/indie band originally from Birmingham who have one dream: to make it big.

Check them out on their Facebook and Website page and make sure to watch their YouTube videos!

Click the image for the full interview & article.


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I love how amazon has the thing in a huge bolded font like OOH YOUR SUBTOTAL LOOK AT THAT HOW LUCKY ARE YOU and then beneath it in smaaaaaall font it’s like estimate your total with shipping and tax so you can cry you loser.


Today’s trip to Publix. 9 entrees = $8.78 subtotal.

I found a trick to printing out a lot of Morningstar Farms coupons!

Open Safari and print coups in “Private”. Target allows only two prints. When you print out two, close the Safari window, and then open another Private viewing window. Print another two and etc.



If you have a Publix that has self check-outs, you can use as many coupons per item without judgement.

I did the same thing yesterday. I have no shame. 

Have you had their Hot and Spicy Sausage Patties? Uh. AWESOME. Pair it with a mini bagel and its a done deal.

I also really like their Prime Grillers. Their Quarter Pound Griller is my favorite but I haven’t seen them.

Oh, if your Publix has MSF Pizza, they work on them as well.

I am a bad influence and I gave my mom some coups for her to use too.

She was like, “It would be shame not to buy more when they are only 98 cents. They are usually $3.95!”


What does our freezer look like? I’ve taken the contents out of the boxes and placed them strategically. I honestly don’t think we have much room.

I’ve been waiting for their BOGO sale. I was hoping for a Manuf coup and a Publix coup trip but this is even better since each coupon is for EACH package.

In the past it would be 75 cents off each or $1.00 for TWO.

But in the past, I have had used both manuf and Publix coupons and made the items 50 cents each. That only happened once though.