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This is still the only video which can make me stop breathing for almost 3 minutes. He’s come so far and I’m so proud of him and utjxivkb’np

since kakumei-no-tomoshibi talked endlessly about the show, and i take recommendations from my wefas seriously (as should you all) I watched the Carmilla webseries and enjoyed it immensely and i am here to tell you all to do the same


  • goofy. so goofy. but not obnoxiously goofy. adorably goofy.
  • ladies! so many ladies! gay ladies! dorky ladies! adorable ladies! everyone is so adorable!
  • kinda creepy, but not super creepy. kinda Welcome to Night Vale creepy, but better, because ladies.
  • doesn’t fall into any obvious tropes, everything is really well thought out imo to avoid being too cliche
  • episodes are short so it’s easy to watch all in one go for now until there are more eps
  • updates on tuesdays and thursdays! TWO DAYS A WEEK. TWO.
  • they call the main character Tiny Gay Laura how can you not love that
  • did i mention awesome ladies?



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I haven’t seen all of Chester’s videos(on his channel). So I love running across gems like this.

His voice is perfect. I can safely say I’m obsessed.


Issue #1 of George Pérez's new series Sirens is on sale now! Please pick up an issue at your local comic book store today! Why should you check it out? 
Sirens is a beautifully drawn, well crafted story with a diverse group of well developed characters, all based on real people (yes, one of them is based on yours truly). The plot will not disappoint a comic book fan looking for a truly interesting read. In George’s own words, the Sirens are

"caught in a futuristic war that hopefully will allow me to explore a lot of themes from the POV of all these women: environmental destruction, genocide, prejudice, imperialism, love, hate, loyalty, betrayal, heroism, sacrifice, politics and even some commentary on the comics industry itself."

Sirens is a space saga with connections to various eras in history and the heroines from them, including the Roman gladiatrix Agony, gunslinging Wild West school marm Ammo and 20th-century maid/computer-construct Sherita.

They and the other Sirens once teamed to fight off a threat to their Terran home world of Earth, and they’re brought back together in the future in order to change a reality that takes out humanity — although the rest of the universe has labeled them as terrorists.

The main plot takes place in space but he intends on using the time-jumping element to challenge himself to drawing certain historical settings, from Victorian England to feudal Japan to pre-statehood Arizona.

I cannot wait to see the saga of Sirens truly unfold and I hope to see many of you guys reading it with me! Pick up Sirens today!

To find a comic book store near you 
To buy Sirens online
If your comic book store doesn’t carry it, tell them to order you a copy! Subscribe to make sure you don’t miss an issue!

my anaconda don’t want none unless you got a hotdog, some tater tots. Oh, and, also, a slice of pepperoni pizza, and, also a basket of jalapeno poppers, and some chicken nuggets, a ketchup boat, three potato pancakes, a creamsicle, two quesadillas, a bread loaf, side of ranch, some pixie sticks, taco salad, an order of ribs, aaaand a diet coke- no. Strawberry shake. No! Diet Coke. NO! Both HUN!

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Webcasts return next week WITH A PLOT TWIST: We will be traversing the country promoting our new book, This is a Book for Parents of Gay Kids — so we will be bringing you ROADCASTS from the back of our car! LOL.

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