A group of persons abducted Mr. Shahed Kayes, a well-respected human rights defender, working in Narayanganj district of Bangladesh, yesterday, 25 July. The AHRC is informed that Kayes’ abductors, with intent to murder him, stabbed Kayes and cut his wrist and assaulted him severely.

Shahed Kayes is a very close friend of mine, who I worked with last year during my summer in Sonargaon, Bangladesh. He was recently assaulted in relation to his human rights campaigning on behalf of the people of Mayadip and Nunartek Islands in the Meghna River. Illegal sand extraction operations in the river are eroding the islands and disrupting fish supplies, which is the main source of income and food for the impoverished  families who live on the islands. Take a look at this article and please share. Awareness of this issue needs to be raised and Shahed needs to be protected so that things like this terrible, violent attack don’t happen again.