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aren't virgos and capricorns really compatible? (I hope so cause zayn is a cap and Liam is a Virgo😭)

This is a very smart and sensible relationship and usually a huge success. Both signs have a lot they can offer and teach one another. Work work work, that’s all this union is about. Hard work to achieve nothing but the best both alone and together. Virgo is all about clear and precise communication and practical action, Caps have no problem with communication they just would rather figure things out on their own sometimes and do things rather than talking it out. So with that being said, the Virgo will be able to know exactly what the Cap is saying or thinking through their actions and the few useful things they do say. Virgos view Caps as their intellectual equal and will follow Caps anywhere no matter what. Caps initiate ideas and the Virgo will go “oh that’s a great idea and maybe I can…” and will proceed to offer their insight and help. Sometimes Caps will make decisions and do things that the Virgo will think “wait maybe that isn’t a good idea, how will this decision help you? what is the point? give me one good reason I don’t understand” and the Cap will shrug and say “look this is a decision I had to make on my own without you I know what I’m doing, everything will be okay” and because Virgos hate to fight they won’t press the issue, but if you look at them when they think no one is looking you will see the look of annoyance and sad frustration on their face. The thing they have to make sure to do is to enjoy love and life both as individuals and with each other, they work so hard achieving goals and setting new ones that both signs forget to bask in the rewards of their hard work. They have great sex but once again they work so hard that they forget to participate in such things, so it is key that they both remember to say “I love you” , set a date night and just remind one another why they are together. Both signs make each other feel safe and secure.