Dislocation/ subluxation - master list?

I need your help!

I had this idea recently of making a master list for dislocations and subluxations, and how to fix them.

I’ve found that my joints don’t always pop back, and whatever I try doesn’t help. This leads me to look around the web for idea on how to fix it. It’s not always I find something useful.

This list is meant as a help to anyone who wants to learn how to fix subluxations and dislocations. Which would be an ideal help for people with EDS and overall lose joints and hypermoblity.

How this works is that if you have a tip on how put back a specific joint, you can either answer this post, or write me a message, and I’ll add it to a list on this post.

Middle finger knuckle: press on it bad wiggle it until it goes back into place

Fingers: Use a firm but not jerking motion sideways using your thumb and index finger, then tap above, below and on the joint with your middle finger in a way that reminds of someone tapping ash from a cigarette.

Wrists: Hold around it with you thumb and middle finger, then press and slot your middle finger into the opened gap between your wrist and bottom of the thumb joint in your hand. The you can I either “unlatch” it back into place or, using your thumb as a brace on the other side and your other fingers to hold below the rest of my wrist, squeeze with your palm while tapping your middle finger in a similar way to the finger.

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Health update

Okay so this is translated from Dutch so sorry if it doesn’t make any sense. The brainfog is strong today. 

- Unfortunately, the mole that I had removed has grown back. The cells are very active and it doesn’t look good. Next week I have to go back to the doctor and they are going to take twenty minutes to make sure everything is removed and than we hope it will stay gone.

- My GP is going to make sure that the pharmacy is going to prescribe me my antihistamine tablets. I am on a very high dose and the pharmacy was very suspicious about that last time.

- My postural orthostattic tachycardia syndrome is in my medical record and if needed I will go to an academic hospital which actually treats POTS, because I am not getting any treatment as of now. I am not going to do this immediately though because I want to see if I actually need to. 

- I am going to get my very own protocol for when I go to the ER, so that they will know what they need to do:) So hopefully they won’t sent me home with (sub)luxations again!

- I am getting an referral to a Chiari specialist in an academic hospital. The GP also thinks there is something else going on, that  I’m not just experiencing tension headaches. dailylifewithchronicillness: would you be able to look at my MRI as well and maybe send it to some other people with chiari? 

- My ring splints are adjusted and I am going to get hinges on one of them, because that finger is too deformed to slide on a ring. Awesome. 

This is how my Sunday night went:

  • Stand up too fast, get POTS dizzy, start to fall down
  • Boyfriend dislocates my shoulder trying to help
  • Start screaming from the pain and go into shock
  • Black out from lack of oxygen
  • CPR from boyfriend
  • Scream in pain again while getting shoulder back in place

My shoulder doesn’t seen swollen or anything now, so it could have just been a subluxation, but it was by far the worst I’ve had. I felt the shoulder come fully out of the socket – heard it too. It still doesn’t seem like it’s perfectly in place now, actually.

Guess I’ll see how I’m doing in the morning.


The first thing that comes to mind when the word chiropractic is mentioned is a hunched little old man going in the relieve his back pain. Would you believe me that the best thing you could do for your body is start going to the chiropractor at the youngest age possible? It’s true! Look at the picture above. The curves in the before spine are called subluxations. A subluxation is the misalignment of your spine or neck. Because the spine is bent, the nerves that connect from the spine to the organs are being pinched. When a nerve is pinched, you lose functionality in your body. Chiropractors are trained to remove those subluxations. Removing misalignments of a young person is ideal, since the spine has has not hardened or begun to grow arthritis. The adjustment process is much quicker and the product is a perfect spine!

Just because going to the chiropractor at a young age is ideal does not mean you should not go if you are older. Although the process may take some time, or your spine can never be completely perfect because of hardening or arthritis, you will still come out much healthier than before - and you’ll feel better, too. But that isn’t true for everyone. Many will still end up with a perfect spine! A good example is my own father. We began going together at the beginning of this year. In his x-ray, growth of arthritis showed in his neck. Obviously that cannot be removed by chiropractic, but since then we have been going three times a week and his neck has slowly curved back into shape. it is so blatant that his energy has increased significantly. You can tell just by looking at him that he is much healthier than he was at the beginning of 2013!

The art of chiropractic is amazing. You don’t rely on medications or surgery to heal your body. Chiropractors remove interference and your body heals itself! That’s the miracle of life.

A healthy spine is a healthy body!


1. I keep getting really really frequent tics in my neck where the subluxed vertebrae is and at the top of the c-spine and that cant be good help?
(muscle relaxers don’t work i’m not sure if it’s a muscle thing, but i feel like it’s more neurological. idk. help.)

2. is there anything you can actually do for gastroparesis other than enzymes and such? cause i’m eating like one meal a day throughout the whole day right now and that can’t be good, but i’m never hungry and i just bloat to pregnant whale size if i try to eat more.


Really, really frustrated by my apparent inability to use a pen and paper for notes without subluxing my wrist and possibly my shoulder.  WTF is this?  I don’t want to make the transition to all digital.  I can’t draw weirdo diagrams in my notes digitally.  And I lose my intense eidetic memory about where something is on a page and what it looks like without the physical copy in front of me.  (Seriously, I can still visualise the notebook, the page, and the diagram of forms of oppression from a sociology class from my 1st MA in Fall 08 from the first 3 weeks of class.  I wish I was kidding.)

I just want to be able to do things the way I’ve always done them.  And yet, I am still begrudgingly downloading programs to better annotate pdfs, etc.  Because I’m pretty sure that if I’m in discomfort now, at the beginning of the term, I can’t imagine where things will be by December.  

I’d really love a diagnosis for this fuckery.