Why are we not talking about desperation Thranduil betrays in this scene. It starts with shock and grief over pile of dead bodies in Dale, bringing back memories of all these wars they fought for causes of others, losing so much, HER, to him like losing everything? He sees his soldiers slaughtered yet again and he remembers, before, when he was idealist, when he believed in purpose of this fight, until he lost her, until he lost everything that matters. It’s a sharp reminder, and it terrifies him, how close to going through this all over again he is now. With Legolas. Legolas is out there, chasing the feeling of complete, of belonging by fighting for someone else’s freedom, someone else’s justice, someone else’s home, as he himself hasn’t got one. Legolas is out there, sacrificing himself in this war. I will not sacrifice any more Elvish blood is the first rock in avalanche of fear that paralises him. Until finally he’s choking with one thought, on thought only: I will not lose my son. Not him. Not after her. Not after my father before. So he looks for him with this SHEER DESPERATION, maybe it’s too late, maybe it’s too late for them anyway. But it’s not too late for him. there is so much he can do, SO GREAT HE CAN BE. The only choice of this family of this realm to become what is should always be: HOMELAND. Have I lost you too? And then he sees him … THERE’S RELIEF, THERE’S APOLOGY, THERE’S LONGING, THERE’S PRIDE, THERE’S SO MUCH LOVE. And then he knows what he has to do anyway . .  if he really loves him, if he ever did. He needs to let him leave this prison he built for him. He needs to let him go for him to become a man, a soldier, a prince he was always meant to be. And so he does.
Because he loves him this much.

Sublime Text 2 淺談 prat 2 如何安裝 package

上次簡略地介紹完 sublime text 2 (以下簡稱 subl2) 的安裝過程以及一些簡單用法

今天來介紹 subl2 的一大特色,就是可以依照每個人的需求去安裝各種不同的 package


這網站主要的說明,是可以讓我們可以快速地去安裝我們需要的 package

首先執行subl2按下 ctrl + ` 會出現下面的畫面

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Making an alias to open files in Sublime

So over the last few days I have been setting up my environment on my new work computer.

I have never really done this before all by my lonesome—last time many of these things were mysteriously, though helpfully, accomplished by Mike during my first week at DBC.

So here are two significant things I have learned so far:

  1. Brew is awesome.  You should use it.
  2. How to create an alias!

As you may know, I have a great love of Sublime.  And on my personal computer, I have the gloriously convenient power to type

subl thing.rb

straight into Terminal and behold, my thing will open!  But the brand new work computer doesn’t know that command, which means it’s google time.

Initial googling revealed this entry in the Sublime Text docs, which obviously I tried first.  Turns out I shouldn’t have assumed I have a ~/bin directory in my path.  So that didn’t work.  And since I sort of don’t really know what I’m doing with bash and have a strong prejudice against blindly running code I don’t understand, I decided to abandon that path and try something a little simpler: creating an alias.

This guy’s blog has a very nice step-by-step explanation of how to open up your bash profile and insert code into it for the vim-phobic among us.  However, there is one little wrinkle—the code snippet he suggests doesn’t quite work, or at least it didn’t for me.

What you actually want to put in your .bash_profile is this:

alias subl="open -a 'Sublime Text 2'"

Save the file, quit and restart Terminal, and try it out!  Your life is now better.

sublime package - LiveReload


一樣打開 command palette,輸入之後安裝



必須在 browser 上面安裝 plugin,chrome 已經可以在 chrome store 搜尋到了


接著會看到右上角出現了一個 icon

再到 工具 > 擴展功能,把圖中的選項打勾即可

接著可以實際測試一次 開啟一個檔案,並在browser上面預覽



此外也有支援 Firefox 以及 Safari 都在那個網址中,有需要的人可以自行安裝

Sublime Text kısayolu eklemek

Terminalden Sublime'a erişmek benim için vazgeçilmez oldu. Yeni makineye geçince ayarları yaptım açılıyordu. Sonra nedense açılmamaya başladı.

 zsh: command not found: subl

Kaynak linkindeki stackoverflow cevabımı işimi gördü.

 $ sudo rm -rf /usr/local/bin/subl
 $ sudo ln -s /Applications/Sublime\ /usr/local/bin
 $ subl .
Sublime Text 2 淺談 part1

這篇文章為大家介紹的是 Sublime Text2 (以下就簡稱 subl ) 為什麼要介紹這個呢? 有一天去到了 RGBA 的聚會中,發現有成員在幫別人安裝 subl 的外掛,在好奇心的驅使之下,問了這是甚麼東西,感覺很酷,在旁人的解說下,才知道他是一款很強大的編輯器

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Sublime Text 2 packgage - Sublime Tmpl

一開始從 Dreamweaver 轉過來的,剛使用 subl2 有點不習慣。想新增新的 html 檔案,head的內容部分要自己打出來;在 Dreamweaver 都是直接設定好了,不過只要裝了這個 package,就可以解決這個問題了。

  • 首先打開 command palette
  • pc 請按 ctrl+shift+p
  • mac 請按 command+shift+p

輸入 install package 之後按下 enter,再輸入 sublimetmpl


成功的安裝之後,就可以到file裡面看到,New file (sublimetmpl)。


Sublime Text 2 package - SideBarEnhancements

對於剛使用 sublime text 2 的朋友,應該都注意到側欄不可編輯的問題。而 SideBarEnhancements 就是可以增強這部份的 package。

  • 首先打開 command palette
  • pc 請按 ctrl+shift+p
  • mac 請按 command+shift+p

輸入 SideBarEnhancements 按下 Enter,檢查左下角有沒有成功安裝。

接著在 subl2 開啟檔案,找個資料按下右鍵,可以看到有選單的出現,如下面的樣子。

想要更清楚的了解 SideBarEnhancements 的人,可以到下面的連結看看。