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Some ppl said they don’t like my picture because it’s coloring by pencil (o゚▽゚) . They prefer a picture coloring by computer so I tried to coloring this picture by my phone. I think it looks good, even its color could not be more clear like a real one drawing by tablet. Maybe i should try to re-coloring some of my fv pictures tooo.

More Blood Subaru Vampire Ending Translation


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[Note: To unlock the Vampire Ending, your M meter must be higher than 45]


-Scene: Eden (Mansion Room of Sorts)-


Karl Heinz: The new Adam and Eve. They now guarantee this world the formation of a new species.


Ruki: … …Kou. Karl Heinz-sama is in our presence. Don’t be sulking.


Kou: … …I’m not sulking… …


Karl Heinz: Kou, come here.


Kou: … …Yes sir… …


Karl Heinz: You’re a clever boy… …and that right eye of yours should’ve shown you the truth already.


Kou: I know. There’s no hope for me anymore.


Karl Heinz:  Don’t sulk. Understood? Just because you couldn’t become Adam, doesn’t mean your wings were torn off.

There’s still more tasks I have in store for you guys.

Such as one regarding the new Adam and Eve. There’s no mistaken that it’s those two and I’d like for you to watch over them by the sidelines. That’s my request, my messengers.


-Scene Change: Kitchen-


*Cooking/Sizzling Noises*


Yui: (Since the fight, I haven’t seen Kou-kun at school… …)

(He could be busy with his idol work… …but is he alright?)

(With injuries like that,  I’m sure he got scolded at his job for that)


Subaru: ―― Oi, Yui.


Yui: (I mean, he’s an idol who got some hits to the face… …I wanted to stop the fight, but I couldn’t in the end)


Subaru: HEY!!


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