Underground Uprising @ Sub Mission

A great turn out. Great people, great art. Im so glad I was able to be part of it. You guys are all such wonderful artists and people. Im so glad I have the honor to know you guys. It was great meeting a handful of people as well. If you didn’t make it then you suck. I had a great time for sure. Great music and good vibes all around. Thanks to DJ Ewock and Davon (acidbath) for hosting it. Hope to see everyone again soon!

i downloaded the last mission movie subbed from someone called MINNASUBS and there were some pretty funny bad translated moments in it


or the ‘yes i do’ moments

i almost fell off my couch when i read this

and they also used german words. how international!

but the final fight was so funny, i made about 20 screenshots

looks like gon is trying out some new names for his jan ken pon
and killua gets mad


here, have this cute gon &killua pic as a bonus


[ENG] MPD: BTS Season Greeting Card Mission


Do not re-upload/claim as own. 


[ENG SUBS] Tohoshinki - Mission Card 40 Pt. 2

Source: Bigeast Official Site
Raw: 토마토 (TVXQDrip)
Translation: Evy901
Subs: ecaismevy
Shared by: DBSKNights


140726 [ENG SUBS] - Tohoshinki: Mission Card 34 [DL]

Source: yada chan

Translation: Evy901

Subs: eCaiSme

Shared by: DBSKNights