Manchester born Liberty Shaw stopped by to talk styling tips, Ed Sheeran and dressing reluctant rock stars…

“I work as a stylist to male celebrities such as Ed Sheeran, Paolo Nutini and Ralf Little.  As a makeup and hair artist I’ve worked with Bruno Mars, Lily Allen, Robbie Williams, The Darkness, Annette Bening, Petra Nemcova, Matchbox Twenty, Joanna Lumley, Jamie Dornan and a few others.

I went to the London College of Fashion and trained to be a film makeup artist. I went straight to working in fashion and makeup. Through working with musicians I kind of fell into styling by them just asking for my help.

I’ve worked with Ed Sheeran and Paolo Nutini since they were teenagers. I took a gentle approach to the boys.  I didn’t want to scare them into clothes or make them look ‘over-styled’. I want the artist’s character and personality to shine. It’s lovely to take them on a journey to where they feel really confident and sexy. Most importantly I want them to feel that they wear the clothes and the clothes are not wearing them.”

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Get Ed Sheeran’s look. 

[BACKINTHEDAYS] “say hi to xin&danny’s styling for 2NE1” (Daul Kim’s Blog 090518)

So this is a female version of bigbang…


my friends xin and danny are styling them!
im so proud of them!!!!! <3

korea is really…super conservative country
were the most… taoist out of i guess..all of north east asia

although south korea is capitalist country, 
we had dictatorship in the 70’s so our parents like grew up with no…
rock music (one time they put all the rock musicians in jail)
and when my dad was going to college they did this thing where
men’s hair is longer than a certain length under ear, they get fined or
cops come and shave their hair…

also curfew for everyone after 11:30pm u cant be on the street or something

extreme right? 

so even when dictatorship was gone, 
for koreans ALOT of things can offend alot of people so…easily

people get offended when they see tattoo bleach hair….etc (i got both:P)
so all the celebrities/actors/musicians end up always playing things safe
and they all look the same… so boring!!!!!!

i think its good that mainstream group like bigbang or 2NE1 is like
trying some bold styling… hiring young ppl to do the styling etc…

go xin and danny~!!!<3


We’re pretty enamoured of Ayishat Akanbi’s style here on Studio Africa. Akanbi is a talented 25 year old who describes herself as “the shortest stylist you’re ever likely to meet. Check out this video to hear her talk about how she became a celebrity stylist. and check her on twitter and tumblr for more of her on point style:



Insta-Peep-O-Gram: Juliano and Zuel 

Step into the world of styling duo Juliano Pessoa and Zuel Ferreira. Their Instagram feed takes you into the inner mind of a stylist, complete with backstage photographs, model beauty shots, runway faves, and editorial work. Who needs an inspiration board when you have these guys?

(Photo courtesy of @julianoezuel. Text by Jenny Bahn)

Fun tip for college students with natural hair

Posting that you need someone to do GOOD Senegalese twists and you’re offering $40 PLUS they need to provide the hair for you, is not the way to go.

Even finding an inexpensive ‘stylist’ it’ll cost you at least $160… $100 if you’re blessed and highly favored.

Its a sweet deal for you but not for the person that’ll be standing over your head for hours putting all your fro into little twists.

And stating that you’re a college student really doesn’t help.

-The stylist has to buy the hair (at least $10)
-Drive to you
-Spend hours laboring over your fro
-Drive home

She’ll basically make no money.

If you’re broke you have three options:

1. Get a friend that cares to do it for you
2. Do it yourself
3. Save up until you can afford to get your hair done