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Great video - Beauty School | Whats in My School Bag & Organizing TiPS!♡

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…And here is the video.

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StylistPop is honored to be a part of Sacramento Fashion Week.

Last year was amazing, this year looks like it will be even better.

Such an amazing event and team of organizers. 

Cosmetology Portfolio

There’s no doubt about it – You NEED to have a cosmetology portfolio.

Photo’s of your best work is always the best way to show off how awesome you are to your clients and potential employers. 

The Trick

Make sure you have a good variety, long hair, short hair, up-dos, extensions, etc. Make sure that you take before and after pictures, this will help showcase how drastic the changes you’ve made to make them even more beautiful.

P.S. - It’s a great idea to start taking photo’s while your still in school, that way you graduate you can easily market yourself.

P.P.S - lets you create your online portfolio in just a few clicks. There isn’t a need to narrow down your best work, you can organize your photo’s into groups. So if you have a short male hair cut, just click or tap on that group to bring up relevant photos.