Growing out your hair takes time, there’s no denying it! But you’ve got to start somewhere right?
If you’re sick of your short hair and you don’t know what to do with it, or maybe you just want those long locks back you once had:

• Start with cutting down on all the heat! I’m not saying you should throw out all your curling irons or straighteners but if you want to grow out your hair at a faster rate, that’s what you have to do. Only use a curling iron or straightener on special occasions.
If you feel like you have to curl your hair every single day, having your hair in two French braids (or one braid) over night leaves you with soft waves in the morning! :)

• When showering, use lukewarm water or even cold water when rinsing out shampoo and conditioner.
(NOTE: Use the conditioner on your ends, NOT in the roots as it will weigh down your hair)
Using hot water on your hair is just as bad as using heat products! And since you probably wash your hair a lot with hot water, think of how much damage your hair has to go through. It’ll cause split ends so you’ll have to cut your hair and start all over again.

• When you get out of the shower do NOT use a hairbrush!!! Your hair is so fragile and so much more prone to breakage when it’s wet and using a hairbrush on your hair after showering will once again cause split ends and breakage. So instead of a hairbrush, use a WIDE TOOTH comb or a wooden brush!

• After showering it’s great to use an argan oil of some sort and massage it on your ends as it’ll soften up your hair and you could even run your fingers through your hair (with the oil) and it will make your hair more shiny as well!

• Now, when you’re growing out your hair you don’t want to shower your hair every single day, so maybe wash your hair every second day or three times a week. Now I know you’re all thinking ‘Ew! My hair will get so oily and disgusting!’ Yes, it will get oily and it will look kind of gross but that’s why you’ve got dry shampoo! Dry shampoo will be your new best friend for the next couple of months when growing out your hair! Just part your hair in sections and hold the bottle around 30cm from your hair and spray those roots! I’ve only tried batiste dry shampoo and they tend to look really grey/white when you spray it so make sure to massage it in really well! You don’t want to go out with the roots of your hair looking grey or white!

• I’m growing out my hair right now and it’s a pain in the ass tbh but it’s working, haha. I use a really good hair mask from Lee Stafford, it’s the ‘hair growth’ one and I personally think it’s amazing! I use a thickening hair shampoo and conditioner and with the hair mask it leaves my hair feeling much thicker, softer and it also smells really good.
Hope you guys liked this little hair tip on how to grow out your hair! :D Please send in requests if you have any and I’ll answer as fast as possible! Xx

10 things your hair stylist wants you to know

1. “If you want your hair to grow, you need to keep getting it trimmed.”
Before I started doing hair, I never understood this because no one took the time to explain it to me. What your stylist means is that when your ends split, they will split up the strand until that hair breaks or falls out. The more hairs that do this, the thinner and “scragglier” the bottom of your hair will look (BECAUSE THERE IS LESS HAIR THERE). If you get a “dusting” which is a miniscule trim (.25-.5 inches), to remove the split ends and keep them from splitting up, roughly every two months, you’ll maintain and keep the hair you have longer- enabling you to have longer, healthier hair.

2. I am not a magician, but I do have magic potions, kind of.
Do you see a lightning scar on my forehead? Am I carrying a wand? No, because I am not Harry Potter. I don’t magically change the texture, density, or curl pattern of your hair when I style it. I manipulate it with products. The reason your hair feels so much better after I smooth it than after you do, isn’t my hands, it’s the $33 dollar heat-protecting, smoothing spray I use. So don’t complain “I can never make it look like you do,” when we both know you’re using Suave shampoo and Aussie hairspray when you get home. It’s not magic, it’s science

3. Why my products are better than Walgreen’s.
Piggy-backing off that, the reason salon products are so much better than drug store ones is simple: Chemists. The highest expense in any industry is salary/personnel. When developing hair products, the most qualified (hence highest paid) chemists are working in the labs of brands like Oribe. For Oribe to make money on their products after paying these geniuses, they have to make their products more expensive than Pantene Pro-V who simply make cheap knock-offs, laden with cheap ingredients.

4. Coloring your hair and lightening it are not the same.
In fact, they are opposite processes. “Coloring” your hair darker, or to a different shade about the same color level, involves DEPOSITING color molecules into the hairshaft. Lightening it (“highlighting,” “blonding,” and God-forbid “frosting”) is the process of removing the melanin (color molecules) from your hair, causing it to look lighter (blonder) or if all the color molecules are removed, white/platinum. Number 5, is the reason you need to get this.

5. “Color doesn’t lift color.”
While taking your color darker isn’t a problem, if you come in with dark brown hair and want light-brown hair, I cannot just put a light brown color over it. It won’t do any more than if you put light brown ink on top of black ink. I’d just be stuffing more molecules into your hair-shaft. To give you lighten brown, I have to lighten it all over to a blonde-ish color, and then put the light brown on top of that. This is very time consuming and damaging to your hair. If you want to go lighter, the best option is just highlights.

6. Just because that’s your “natural hair color” it doesn’t mean you have natural hair.
As stylists, we refer to “natural” (or virgin) hair, as hair that has never been touched by chemicals. Your hair grows about 6 inches a year. If you have 20 inches of hair and haven’t colored your hair in a year, you’ll have 6 inches of new growth, and 14 inches of previously colored hair, so even though it looks natural, it isn’t. I need to know this so I can formulate your color appropriately. I’m not judging you if you’ve colored your hair, I’m judging you if you lie about it and your ends turn bright red. Savvy?

7. Time is money.
Most stylists work on commission or in a booth-rent situation, they pay a weekly rent to their salon owner. When you no-call, no-show, or call to cancel at the last minute, your stylist doesn’t make money. You’re messing with their livelihood and if you do it more than once, you’re messing with their patience and do you really want to mess with the person who’s about to be inches from your head with sharp metal objects?

8. “Tipping ain’t a city in China.”
Tip your stylist. Unless your salon has a no tipping policy, your stylist is really hoping and sometimes depending on tips. Go on a percentage system, give what you can or feel is deserved, but give something. It’s always better than nothing.

9. I’d rather fix your hair than you be unhappy.
Most stylists are happy to fix your hair if you’re unhappy with it. If you hate your hair and go around telling people that I messed up your hair, that’s bad for my business. Most good salons have redo policies where you can come back and see your stylist for tweaks and fixes, for no charge. Simply be polite and let us know. If someone truly messes up your hair (cuts it wonky, fries it off, turns it an off color), maybe just bite the bullet and go somewhere else. If they didn’t recognize and note their mistake, they’re either lazy, dishonest, or they don’t really know what they’re doing. Lastly on this point, if you go for a change and don’t like it, that doesn’t mean your stylist did a bad job. There’s a difference between you changing your mind and the stylist doing something wrong. Which leads us to our final hint-

10. You’re not Jennifer Aniston.
You will never look or feel exactly like her, because you are no her and just because you bring in a picture of Jennifer Anniston, it doesn’t mean your hair will be identical. You don’t have the same hair (or hair history) as her, you aren’t going to the same stylist as her, and you don’t have your hair professionally handled on a daily basis. Pictures are GREAT, we love them and we’ll do our best to get as close to them as we can and to help make modifications that will make it better for you, but PLEASE have realistic expectations.

3 Easy Looks,  1 Bold Coat

Different ways to style your statement coat

Each winter, it’s good to invest in a new piece of outwear. You need something to keep you warm, something that’s trending and something that makes a statement. This season, we’ve fallen in love with this Printed Short Coat with Lapels by Zara, which hits all three of our requirements. Its cocoon silhouette and geometric-meets-psychedelic pattern is surprisingly quite versatile, especially if most of your wardrobe consists of solids and black (guilty!). From casual daytime to dressy nighttime, this jacket can be worn with jeans and boots or a dress and heels. Below, we’ve styled three different looks using the same Zara coat in each. Be inspired and shop our outfits today!

Look 1

If you’re walking around town or going out for drinks with your girlfriends, this look is the perfect casual, comfortable and stylish ensemble you need. Pair the printed coat with a modern black dress, sheer tights and ankle boots, topping off the outfit with a black fedora.

Printed Short Coat With Lapels

Cheap Monday Bon Jersey Dress

Vintage True Grit Black Hat

Seamless Opaque Tights

Laird Leather Ankle Boot, Black

Look 2

For a look that you can easily transition from work to dinner, pair the Aztec coat with a roll neck blousepalazzo trousers and stiletto pumps. This ’60s-inspired outfit is classy and definitely on-trend.

Printed Short Coat With Lapels

Roll Neck Blouse

PREMIUM - Flowy palazzo trousers

Combined High Heel Court Shoe

Lightpole Earrings

Look 3

On casual days or for weekend festivities, pair this Zara coat with skinny jeans, a turtleneck sweater and fringed oxfords. This head-to-toe look screams comfortable with a sophisticated touch.

Printed Short Coat With Lapels

Wool-blend sweater

Tall Legging Jeans in Arctic Blue

Narrow Belt

Fringed Faux Patent Oxfords


note to myself:

'You can be very good at your job, be the best at your job, but if you don't present well in fashion, people might not see your talent' 

Tips for getting the most out of getting your hair done:
  • Stay still. I always thought it was implied that when someone is trying to do something to your head, you don’t move it. Then there are clients that make me wonder.
  • Don’t cross your legs. It throws off the alignment of your shoulders and can make one side of your hair shorter come out than the other.
  • Don’t use at-home color from the grocery store. Not like anyone will listen because I know there is a huge budget issue for many people, but box colors have a lot of fillers and minerals in them that build up over time and damage your hair.
  • Give direction. If it needs to be shorter in one spot, say something. Don’t walk away saying your haircut sucks when you gave no direction.
  • Use better products. There are a lot more higher-grade products out there that have diversified to department stores. While salon-exclusive products are still the best and most concentrated, do some research and get the best possible stuff that fits in your budget. It makes a bigger difference than you think.
  • You don’t have dandruff (probably). A lot of people use Head & Shoulders or Pert because they have dry scalp and think it’s dandruff. Dry scalp =/= dandruff. Dandruff is a fungus. Dry scalp is just like dry skin anywhere else, and can be remedied with using conditioner and/or a moisturizing shampoo.
  • Don’t use bar soap on your hair.
  • Ever. Please don’t the thought of it makes me sad.

¡Shampoo de cebolla para un cabello largo y radiante!

Hemos escuchado hablar sobre él, pero ¿Qué tanta verdad hay en qué funciona?

Es demasiado cierto, y lo digo también por experiencia propia.


  1. Un cabello más nutrido y sano (Se notará conforme se use regularmente).
  2. Disminuye el frizz y las puntas secas que pican como alfiler (desde el primer uso).
  3. Le da un brillo naturalmente hermoso (desde el primer uso).
  4. Suavidad y manejabilidad (desde el primer uso).
  5. Y POR SUPUESTO UN CABELLO MÁS LARGO (se notará conforme se use regularmente). 

¿Cómo hacerlo?

Toma una botella nueva de shampoo preferentemente reparador o hidratante para ver mejores resultados y vacía un cuarto de su contenido pues ahí albergaremos la cebolla, pica la mitad de una cebolla tamaño mediano en tiritas (julianas) y agrégala a la botella de shampoo, bátelo bien y déjalo reposar por 2 semanas (15 días), recuerda batirlo todos los días.

Modo de uso:

Moja tu cabello con agua fría y exprímelo para no dejarlo goteando, toma una cantidad del shampoo y aplícalo de medios a puntas, luego toma otra cantidad y aplícalalo en el cuero cabelludo (sobre el cráneo) dando suaves masajes circulares para promover la irrigación sanguínea y entre mas lo dejes reposar mejor, te recomiendo media hora (30 minutos). Hazlo de día por medio (4 veces a la semana) y mira los resultados.

¿Quedará oliendo a cebolla?

Luego de que el cabello se seque no va a oler a cebolla, no se preocupen por eso.

Cualquier pregunta la responderé con mucho gusto.



Stylist tips: How to rock sequins during the holidays!

Hey hey Rosedolls!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year: the time to pull off all of your sequined items for the holiday parties!!

What better way to stand out in a crowd than to add a little (a lot of) sparkle?

Sequin dresses and accessories are a staple for the joyful season. Here are a few options for you to get your shine on. If you choose to wear a..


How to wear it: Mix it with casual pieces. Pair it with a nice pair of skinnies and a simple, cute top to let it take center stage. It also looks great with sexy shorts for fun night in the city with friends. Just make sure to keep everything else minimal.


How to wear it:When looking for a glitzy dress, go for one that complements your skin tone. Jewel colors like emerald or plum are sure values. To create balance, a pair of solid colored tights and versatile,neutral-shaded pumps are the only add-ons you’ll need to give you a slender look. Team it with a cute shrug and you’re good to go. ..accessories: Into the glittery look, but in a more subtle way? Get festive with just hints of bedazzle, like these chic purses or shoes. They will add the right touch of shimmery that will take you from girly to glam:

Whether you decide to go for clothing or accessories, don’t overkill it with the bling! Small diamond studs will nicely finish any of these items up. That prettty much sums it up, Rosebuds! Which one of these gilded  are you into? Share your thoughts in the Comments & Reactions space below!! xoxo, Deb

How to make your hair look like Elsa’s from Frozen! This is the best hair tutorial ever.

Instagram Star Looks Just Like Elsa From “Frozen!”

Frozen (Plus Bonus Features) [HD]

Why You Should Be LOLing this Fall

And by LOLing I mean loading on leather, of course! Someone up above in the fashion heavens must have been reading the Fifty Shades of Grey series, since leather is showing up everywhere for fall. What used to be just for biker jackets and the occasional pair of skin-tight pants can now be found on any article of clothing. Think leather sleeves on your favorite tee shirts and cozy cardigans, leather panels on your skinny jeans, leather collars and pockets on your blazers. Thanks to our good friend, pleather, you won’t have to break the bank in order to LOL- this trend is totally budget-friendly.

How to LOL without looking like a scary biker chick dominatrix: Generally, you want to limit the leather to two aspects of your outfit (don’t worry- your shoes don’t count!). For instance, let’s say you decide to try out these amazing Jet Corp. jeans. Instead of wearing them with a leather jacket or a leather paneled top, pair them with a different texture such as a yummy cotton tee, a silk blouse, or a rib knit turtleneck. To load on the leather, pick a less distinctive part of your outfit to add leather to, like a colored leather bag, leather and knit gloves, or even a leather baseball cap.



The Perfect Packing List | Travel in Style

Spring Break is just around the corner, and that means we are all looking for a bit of fun! Whether you are going to the beach for some family fun, or to the other side of the world on business-matters, packing properly is the essential first step to having a great trip.  What should I pack, you ask?  Well I’m here to go over the basics as well as some commonly made mistakes and show you how to travel in style.

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