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Move on, leave, run away, escape this place… but don’t forget about me, about us, about this town. Always remember where you come from so you can appreciate how far you’ve come.
—  c.j.n.


Preference 120-Your Child Asks an Awkward Question

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This was requested! Thanks to my lovely followers (3 of them) for helping w/ the questions! I don’t think they’re soooo awkward, but… Requests are welcome for preferences and imagines! :)

Niall: Your 5 year old walked into the kitchen, sitting in hear seat and waited for you to grab her breakfast. Niall had walked in just as you set down bowl of cereal, dripping wet from the shower he had just taken. She was into her food as she innocently sat in hear seat. You were talking to Niall when her small voice interrupted the two of you. “Mummy, I know I was in your tummy when I was a baby, but where was I before that?” she asked, her big blue eyes staring at you. Your eyes widen while Niall choked on his cereal, both of you completely taken back. She kept her eyes on the two of you waiting for her answer. “Well?” she asked, pushing the two of you with her attitude. Niall looked at you and chuckled. “Eat your cereal,” you said, ignoring her question and making her mope. “Why didn’t you just make something up?” he chuckled, eating his food. “Like what?” you asked, glaring at him playfully. “Like you were in daddy’s di-“ You didn’t let him continue, slapping your hand over his mouth and telling him that was inappropriate. 

Zayn: He was thrusting into you, making you moan out loud. The two of you were so into the moment that you didn’t notice your son walking in. He was whimpering as he approached the bed, making the both of you pull away quickly. You both wrapped the sheets around you as he stared at you. “What’s wrong, baby?” Zayn asked, sitting up and looking down at him. Both of you were mortified, but he was too young to know what was going on. “Why were you hurting mummy? She was screaming and you weren’t stopping,” he whimpered, looking at his dad with big, watery eyes. Zayn looked at you and chuckled before whispering, “Should’ve been quieter, babe.” “Are you okay, mummy?” he asked, walking over to your side of the bed. You smiled and looked down at him, not wanting to pick him up since you were still naked. “Yes, baby, I’m fine. Daddy and I were just… Wrestling. I’m fine,” you smiled, touching his cheek. “Come one, sonny, let’s get you to bed,” Zayn said, getting out of bed and taking your son to his room. When he came back, he picked up where you left off, but remembered to lock the door and told you to be quieter.

Louis: Your daughter had gone shopping with you, her mouth was working a million miles a minute and it was the cutest thing ever. She was a splitting image of Louis, who was also with the two of you. Having the both of them with you was a lot of work when you were trying to get things for the house. They often distracted you, Louis being the biggest kid as he complained with her. “What else is on the list?” you asked, looking over at him. He picked up the list and smirked. “The things that keep your period at bay,” he chuckled, making her giggle thought she didn’t know what he was talking about. “Mum, what’s a period?” she asked, making people’s heads turn as the two of you walked down the aisle. You stopped in your tracks and looked at Louis who was laughing his butt off. A couple of people were sending you glares, but you ignored it, already embarrassed as it is. “It’s something that happens to girls when they get older,” you said, not wanting to explain it yet. “But when? What is it?” she asked, urging you. You looked at Lou for help, annoyed with him the most. “We’ll tell you when you’re older,” he said, trying to hold in his laughter. 

Harry: He was holding your daughter as the two of you made your way into the restaurant, like he always did. She was a Chatty Cathy all day, asking questions and talking to random people that she saw. It was a quality she had learned from her dad. Her unruly curls, her eyes, everything about her just screamed mini Harry. The three of you sat down, he next to him in a booth while you were on the other side. As you and Harry talked, she had turned her attention to the other customers in the restaurant. She had taken a notice to a guy who was on the bigger side, saying hi to him as he walked by. He had been kind enough to stop and talk to her, causing you and Harry to turn your attention to them. Just in time to hear her ask, “Are you going to have a baby?” He looked at her with furrowed eyes brows and shook his head with a laugh before telling her by. “Why would you ask him that, love?” Harry asked, looking down at her, ready to laugh. “He’s got a tummy. A lot of people with tummies have babies.” Her reasoning was all over, but he had laughed. “Boys don’t have babies, princess. Not every with a tummy has a baby in their tummy. That’s not a nice question to ask, okay?” he said, looking at your for help. “But why?” she asked, still lost. You chuckled and took a turn at it, getting through to her with the fact that people are all sizes and it’s perfectly normal. “Okay,” she said, seeming to accept her answer as she turned her attention back to the room. 

Liam: Your son had been very curious lately. Every time he heard of something new, he would ask questions about it. He had the memory of an elephant, never forgetting things that had come up days ago. While you three had been out getting ice cream, he had asked something that you didn’t he would ask so soon. “What?” you asked, looking at him with a slack jaw. “What’s sex?” he asked, licking his ice cream cone. Liam looked at you and furrowed his eyebrows before looking back at your son. “Where did you hear the word, sex?” he asked. Your son continued to eat his cone, getting it all over his face. “I heard you tell uncle Zayn that you and mummy had sex. What’s sex?” You coughed and looked at Liam, glaring at him as you raised an eyebrow. “Why would you be telling Zayn that, Liam?” He chuckled and shrugged and then turned his attention to his son, getting a jab on the side of his torso from you. “You don’t need to know what sex is yet. I’ll tell you when you’re older. Don’t talk about it until then, please,” Liam said, reaching over to clean his face while chuckling.
Was Harry’s okay? I hope so….

Teacher Series: #8 You see him outside of school

Louis: You had only been at the library because your mother had some errands to run around town and forced you to come with her for some reason but it was easy enough to convince her to drop you off for some much needed alone time. You had quickly immersed yourself in a book when someone rudely decided to stand in front of you and block your light, causing you to cast your view up and you were shocked when you saw Louis standing above you. He reached a hand down to you and you accepted his helping gesture as he pulled you up from the carpet. “I’m so glad I’ve spotted you. At first I wasn’t sure that it was you but eventually I decided that it was worth a shot.” You laughed awkwardly, not knowing how to carry on the conversation but you definitely didn’t want it to end this soon on. “So why are you glad you spotted me then?” Maybe not the best way to continue a conversation but it works. “Oh right! I’ve got great news for you, y/n.” Louis smiled, reaching up to tug on his beanie, which only caused his glasses to go cockeyed and he scrunched his nose in annoyance which, you noted, was probably the cutest thing you’ve ever witnessed. “Technically,” He said which made you realize that you had been blatantly staring at him and you could only hope that it wasn’t as obvious as you thought it was. “I’m not supposed to tell anyone this until the list is posted but I’ve been dying to tell you that I’ve picked you for the lead female role for the play!” And that left you speechless. He must have been insane or he just didn’t actually care about the play at all because that was basically a suicide mission. You had made it clear that you didn’t even want to be a part of the play, and that you were only doing it because it was mandatory for drama students which was probably the dumbest thing that you had heard or been forced to take part of. “Aren’t you going to like jump around and hug me or something for being such a great teacher?” Louis asked, clearly confused by your silence because anyone else would have thanked him endlessly but you just stood there, frozen. “I don’t want to seem ungrateful or anything, Mr. Tomlinson.” It felt weird calling him Mr. Tomlinson outside of school but this was a conversation that you really didn’t want to have, especially in public. “I thought that I’d made it quite clear that I’d much rather had a part backstage.” Your voice had softened tremendously since the start of this conversation and you felt like a jerk when you saw Louis’ shoulders slump in defeat because he had worked so hard on this play, despite your previous thought of him not truly caring. “But—” You choked out before your mind had even caught up to your mouth. “But I can try it out, I guess…” And his eyes lit up with joy before you could even regret the decision to say that. “I’m positive that you can do it, y/n. I wouldn’t have cast you if I wasn’t sure that you’d be perfect.”

Liam: Elise had basically forced you to go to the mall with her since she claimed that she desperately needed a new dress since she had a date this weekend. But shopping with her basically meant that you held the clothes that she would consider buying while she continued to shop for more and more clothes. You couldn’t complain though, she’d do the same thing for you if you had asked so you just held the clothes and stood off to the side while she browsed. “Y/n?” The deep voice turned your attention away from Elise and caused you to turn around, since that was where you heard the voice come from. You were pleasantly surprised when you turned and saw that Jace was standing there, holding a pile of clothes in his hands, much like you were. “What are you doing here?” He asked. You motioned your head towards Elise and Jace understood instantly. “My girlfriend dragged me here too.” This peaked your interest because you didn’t know that he had a girlfriend but it would make sense since he never actually acknowledged any of the girls at school who were always pining for him (like Jen). “You’ve got a girlfriend?” He nodded, a cheek aching smile on his face as his eyes flickered to the red haired girl, who you had clearly assumed to be his girlfriend due to how happy he became just looking at her, who was browsing through the graphic tees. “She’s the nicest girl I’ve ever met.” Your heart jumped at his love for the girl, hoping that, one day, you’d find something like that. “Y/n?” Yet another voice joined in the conversation, causing both you and Jace to turn. You basically froze when you saw Liam approaching, his smile wide until he noticed Jace beside you and it faded slightly but only to someone who noticed the small (what some would argue to be insignificant) things about Liam; someone like you noticed all of those things and you weren’t sure if that was good or bad but it was best not to focus on that now. “Wow,” Jace laughed. “It’s always weird to see teachers outside of school.” “It’s weird to see know that I also shop at the same place as my students do too.” Liam joked but his mind was currently running wild at the moment. You both laughed and you were relieved that Jace wasn’t angry that Liam sent him away so rudely when he had tried to help you just last week. You wanted to speak up and spark a conversation with Liam but you were worried that you’d somehow manage to say something wrong in front of Jace and you just opted to keep quiet, which only furthered the awkwardness. “Well, I’ll,” Liam cleared his throat awkwardly before continuing, his eyes cast upon the floor the entire time, “I’ll see you two in class…”

Niall: “Why do we have to go out to dinner tonight?” You groaned, following behind your older brother and parents as they sat down in the booth. “We’re already here,” Your brother, Jaxton stated. “It’s a bit too late for complaining.” “It’s never too late to complain.” You mumbled as you began looking through the menu. You were already in an awful mood due to everything that happened at school earlier that day with Niall and you really just wanted to lock yourself in your room and mope around until you feel better but your family had other plans. “What are you two gonna get?” Your mother asked you and your brother. He answered her but continued to babble on about how the restaurant had added a few things to their menu and he was debating whether to try them or stick with his usual, you zoned out. You focused on listening to other people’s conversations around you rather than your own family’s. Nothing seemed to catch your attention until you heard that familiar laugh that could make the world stop spinning and your head whipped around without even thinking about what it would look like to others. “Y/n?” You mother questioned, noticing your suddenly odd behavior. You didn’t acknowledge her but you felt your heart drop when you noticed Niall sitting across from a petite red head, who was wearing a flattering purple sun dress, with his back turned away from you. She looked gorgeous. And she was the one who caused that laugh to fill the room. Not you. No matter how much you wish it had been, it wasn’t. Your parents and brother must have caught onto who you were looking at and turned to see who it was. “Is’nt that our US History teacher?” Jaxton spoke up and, right then, you knew you were fucked. “Is it really?!” Your mother chirped, already moving her way out of the booth while your father just playfully rolled his eyes at her actions. “Let’s go say hi!” “I’m not going.” Jaxton grumbled, “I’m convinced he determined to fucking fail me.” She wacked him in the head as she passed but not before pulling you along to follow her and you knew that you no longer had a choice. As she approached, she tapped his shoulder and his conversation halted and he turned to face the culprit, only to become shocked when he saw you standing with your mother. “You must be Mr. Horan…” She started, not knowing just how awkward this encounter was for the two of you and the poor lady he had taken out. “Yeah and you’re Mrs. Y/l/n, I’m assuming.” He shook her hand but his eyes never left you and you felt the need to shrink away into the corner under his gaze but your mom nodded enthusiastically. “Well I’m Niall and this,” He gestured to the beautiful red head. “Is Melissa.” She smiled and gave a small, shy wave before your mother spoke up again. “I’m sorry to interrupt, I just wanted to say hello. You two are very cute together by the way.” Niall blushed but his eyes seemed to look everywhere but at you as your mom led you back to the table. And just when you thought tonight couldn’t get any worse.

Zayn: How hard could it be to find one small sized flat bristle brush? Though it seemed like it should have been quite simple, it turned out to be just the opposite seeing as this was the third craft store that you had been to and you still couldn’t find the one you were looking for. You huffed as you turned down the next isle, in a final attempt to find it. Your eyes practically lit up when you saw a five pack of this brush with many different sizes. Instantly, you grabbed the pack and thanked the heavens that you had finally managed to find it. You were finally heading towards the checkout but you ran directly into someone, causing both of you to drop everything that was in your hands. “Sorry!” You squeaked, bending down to pick up the brushes once again. “It’s okay darling,” The man said and because his voice sounded so familiar, you instantly looked up to see who it was and, apparently, the man did the same because, there you both were, kneeling on the floor, two and a half inches away from each other and staring directly into each other’s eyes. “Y/n!” He exclaimed and you could practically feel the blood rush to your cheeks, you just hoped it wasn’t that visible. “Hey Zayn…” You suddenly became aware of just how close you two were and wondered how it must have looked to people who just glanced at the two of you. Zayn stood up, reaching a hand down to you to help you up as well and you gladly accepted it. You had hoped that your hand wasn’t sweaty because then it would just make this encounter even more awkward, if that was even possible. “Whatchu planning on using those brushes for?” You shrugged before responding, “I was bored at home and I wanted to do a bit of painting but I couldn’t find the right brush I needed…” Zayn nodded in understanding. “Well, I’m glad I ran into you! I’ve been debating on what to do in class tomorrow but I’m stuck between abstract paintings or realistic. Which one would you prefer, y/n?” You thought hard, making sure that you gave him and answer that you knew you would excel at and earn his praise for. “Realistic.” You stated, knowing that you were excellent at realistic drawings due to how much attention your drawings have received from numerous people. You were just hoping that those people were being honest instead of just saying things to make you feel better about yourself like some people do so often. You wouldn’t say that you were cocky with your drawing ability, you just liked to show off your drawing abilities because art was something that you enjoyed and you hoped that one day you could have your own art exhibit. You needed to be confident to get there but being around Zayn always made you shy which only hindered him seeing your true talent. “Realistic it is.” He said with a large smile on his face as he awkwardly fumbled around with the notepad in his hands. “Well, realistic is definitely my favorite topic to teach and to draw myself so I’m sure that you won’t let me down. See you tomorrow alright?”

Harry: Barnes & Nobel was like your own private get away. You felt like you could get lost in the sea of books there and you have no problem with that. But there was a problem and that only problem was that there were so many books and you had wanted and not enough money to buy all of them so you could only select a certain few. You browsed through the books, sometimes pulling out one or two to read the description, sometimes pushing it back in its place or keeping it in your grip as a possibility. By the time you were finished looking in one section, you realized that you had almost a dozen books in your arms and knew that there was absolutely no way that you could afford them all. You sighed, knowing that one of these could very well be the greatest books ever written but you may never know it because you could only afford four, maybe five tops. “Whatcha got there?” The unexpected voice caused you to jump and a few books to tumble from your grasp. Before you even attempted to pick up the books, you turned to see who the voice belonged to and you relaxed when you saw Harry. Harry, being the gentleman that he is, bent down and gathered the books but, instead of handing them back to you, he scanned through the books, almost as if he was assessing your taste in books. “I’ve read this one!” He grinned, pointing to the one that had caught your interest the most. “You need to get this one. It’s amazing.” “I think I’ll have to save that one for next time. I don’t have enough money to get all the ones I really want.” Harr0y paused for a moment, as if he was thinking something through, before he spoke up once again. “Well you’ve only got nine books here which is good compared to me because, whenever I plan to buy some new books, I always end up with over fifteen so I’ll make up for the rudeness of my class yesterday and pay for these.” He had already begun making his way to the checkouts, forcing you to jog to keep up with his pace mainly because you didn’t even expect him to offer to buy you the books. “You don’t have to… I’ll have money for the others next weekend.” “Or,” He interrupted, now handing the books to the cashier, “I could buy them now and all you’ll owe in return is to tell me your thoughts on the books, okay?” You nodded, feeling oddly special due to these events. “Can you even afford all this with your teacher salary?” You joked, causing him to playfully glare at you. “Yes, I can. I’ve got a side job as well as the teaching job so it all evens out.” That sparked your interest because you couldn’t really picture Harry doing anything that wasn’t English related. “What’s that?” “Nuh uh,” He said as the cashier rung up the books and Harry paid in cash. “I’ve got to keep some secrets to myself, right?”

beauty on the inside doesn’t get you free drinks.
One Shot // Vegas

This one is kind of ridiculous but I hope you all still like it. xx.

Meeting in Vegas for the weekend had been Ed’s grand idea. For whatever reason, he loved Sin City and tried to drag his friends there as often as possible. To celebrate his Grammy nominations he’d arranged a last minute trip for the weekend inviting as many friends as he could think of. With the last minute nature of the trip not everyone he invited could come. Well, most people he invited couldn’t come. It turned out to be Ed, Athina, Harry, Taylor and Ed’s family friend Anthony, who he didn’t really like but who lived in the states.

“Is this gonna be super awkward?” Athina asked Ed as they made their way down to the lobby of the hotel where they were all planning to meet.

“Harry and Tay?” Ed asked, “No way, they’re mates and everything, it’ll be fine. I mean, sometimes they get on each other’s nerves but I’m not worried.”

“Not what I was thinking,” Athina laughed, “More like Anthony has a massive crush on Taylor, I was thinking of Harry ending up as a fifth wheel or something.”

“You worry too much,” he said shaking his head, “It’s just gonna be a chill weekend.”

“Yeah, minus the fact Vegas is anything but chill,” Athina said taking his hand and waving to their friends.

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Always And Forever:

Interviewer: So, Harry.. Lets say the world was going to end in 24 hours. If you could do anything. How would you spend those last few hours on earth?

*Harry pauses, thinking a bit before he speaks. Composing an answer, that will make you melt inside.*



*Harry continues to think of what to say. Thoughts of you, running through his mind.*


"With her! Honestly, I’d spend every last moment with her because she means everything to me. And when earth comes crashing down, I’d hold on to her and never let her go.

Whispering to her, one final I love you before we both perish. That way when I go to heaven, I can say I died with an angel by my side.”

"That is if I couldn’t save her."

*Harry pauses before he speaks again. With a glimmer of hope in his eyes, he speaks again. Asking a question, only true love could bring.*

"Is that an option? Could I save her?"


"No, that isn’t but what if it was? What if you had the chance? Knowing that you’d have to give up your life, just to save hers. Would you?"


"Yes I would, In a heartbeat!! I’d do anything I could, to save her! She’s my earth angel and heaven has enough angels already. She deserves life and life deserves her. I know that giving up my life, would be the right choice. I’d rather be dead in heaven, than alone here on earth. Because I could never truly live my life here, without her. I’d be haunted by the fact, I didn’t do everything I possibly could to save her. I’d suffer without her, every single day. Just the fact I wouldn’t know if she’s okay and I wouldn’t be able to protect her, would be too much for my heart to take. It would kill me. Where I’d be nothing more than a zombie. Dead inside and out. So you see, I’d be dead ether way. But at least if I was in heaven I would be happy. Even though I’m dead, I’d still be at peace. I’d know that she’s okay. I’d be able to watch over her, keep her safe, be by her side and that would be enough for me. It all comes back to promises. I made promises to her, a while ago. I promised to never leave her, never let go and to love her no matter what. And I intend to keep those promises! Just like I keep her in my heart, always and forever."


Tamaki Souh —> Harry Styles

Kyoya Ootori —> Zayn Malik

Haruhi Fujioka —> Ashton Irwin

Hikaru Hitachiin —> Louis Tomlinson

Kaoru Hitachiin —> Liam Payne

Takashi “Mori” Morinozuka —> Calum Hood

Mitsukuni “Honey” Haninozuka —> Luke Hemmings

Renge Houshakuji —> Niall Horan

Umehito Nekozawa —> Michael Clifford

This is based on my generalization of their personality characteristics and who I think they line up the most with.

One Shot // Maui

Skipped ahead a bit on the requests to do this one since it was fast. xx.

It was two in the morning in Maui and Taylor was playing Scrabble when her phone started ringing. She saw it was Harry and, as usual, had no idea why he was calling. It had become a typical thing for him to just call her out of the blue.

“Hello?” she answered standing up from the table to walk into the hallway.

“Hiiii,” came his familiar greeting but high pitched in what Taylor had come to know as his very drunk voice. There was the low thump of music as though he had just stepped outside a party.

“Hiiii,” she mimicked back to him with a smile he couldn’t even see.

“You’re in Maui,” he said. Taylor had just flooded her Instagram with pictures so now the world knew where she was hiding; including Harry.

“Oh, Detective Harry saves the day,” she said.

“Shh, Swift. Guess what?” he said barely leaving a pause for her to answer, “I’m in Maui too.”

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There’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to create fanworks of any medium in which Aoba develops a romantic relationship outside of the original ‘ship’ in the timeline of that story.

It’s understandable that someone who’s a big supporter of the original ship would feel hurt, but it’s not a personal attack. The point isn’t to hurt you.

Exploring how characters interact and develop outside of canon is an integral aspect of fanworks, and just like how you may not enjoy works that deal with, say, character death, that doesn’t make the creators or their works intrinsically bad.

One Shot // SEX.

I can’t find the request for a vibrator but that’s included in here too. This one is literally sex, a lot of it, so if you’re not into that I suggest stopping before you go further. Great, thanks. 

*Sexual content*

The sun was starting to shine in through Harry’s floor length windows onto his bed. He was laying on his back looking out the window at the early lights of morning while Taylor still slept with her head on his chest. Their legs were wrapped up around each other, warm skin on skin.

The night before they’d been too exhausted to put any thing on their bodies, falling asleep tangled up, sweaty and spent. Harry smiled to himself replaying the past few days. They both had a rare week off together and they’d all but locked themselves in Harry’s house; only leaving for food when necessary. The rest of the time they’d spent in various states of being undressed, their lips permanently pink from over use. Neither one of them was able to keep their hands or mouths off of the other one; they were sex crazed.

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my future partner is probably texting their bae right now about how they’re gonna be together forever. sike, see you in ten years bitch