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#1 He gets jealous of another boy

#2 He wants to watch you touch yourself

#3 He watches you read

#4 Dirty talk

#5 He misses you on tour

#6 Wet dreams

#7 Celebrity crushes

#8 Play fighting

#9 He wants to have a threesome with another boy

#10 He finds out you’ve faked an orgasm

#11 Eavesdropping

#12 Birthday Sex

#13 Prince AU

#14 You refuse to accept a gift from him

#15 Hospitals

#16 You’re clumsy

#17 His kink

#18 He’s your teacher but you’re dating

#19 He’s your teacher but you’re dating (Part two)

#20 Romantic thing he always does

#21 How he kisses you (Visual)

#22 Vampire AU

#23 He mentions marriage

#24 Cuddling (Visual)

#25 Nicknames

#26 Thanksgiving

#27 Daddy’s little girl

#28 “Slow down.”

#29 Heart by Heart (Song Preference)

#30 Mistletoe

#31 His Christmas gift to you


#33 You can see Shadowhunters

#34 You catch him masturbating

#35 Victoria Secret Angel

#36 You find a huge insect and he ends up killing it/calling the boys for help

#37 Twitter Issues

#38 He thinks that you’re cheating on him

#39 How he eats you out (Visual)

#40 Spending a day with him

#41 You’re sick

#42 Greedy

#43 You’re an actress and you have to kiss someone else

#44 He asks you to stay after a one night stand

#45 First “I Love You”

#46 Valentine’s Day

#47 His favorite position (Visual)

#48 You send him a naughty picture (Visual)

#49 She looks so perfect (Song Preference)

#50 He cuts your hair

#51 You overhear him talking about proposing to you

#52 Interruptions

#53 “Stop…”

#54 You’re home late and he gets worried

#55 Promises

#56 He tweets a photo of you at the beach (Visual)

#57 He uses a pick up line on you

#58 Boxer AU

#59 Soulmate AU

#60 His perfect girl

#61 “I miss you”

#62 He tweets a photo of how he proposed to you (Visual)

#63 Momma’s boy

#64 After a fight

#65 Rude (Song Preference)

#66 Whipped

#67 You’re quiet during sex and it frustrates him

#68 “Tell me…”

#69 Another boy tweets a picture of you two asleep (Visual)

#70 You find a love letter he wrote to you

#71 You leave marks on him and the other boys notice (Visual)

#72 You run into his ex who’s a bitch/crazy now

#73 You tweet a picture of him asleep and he replies (Visual)

#74 Bad boy AU

#75 Couple tattoos (Visual)

#76 Home

#77 One of you tweet a picture of your kid and you/him replies (Visual)

#78 He tells you a lame joke

#79 Winter

#80 Masquerade ball

#81 Hugs

#82 Night Changes dates

#83 Stockholm Syndrome/Lima Syndrome

#84 Whispers

#85 “It’s me.”

#86 Tenerific Sea (Song preference)

#87 He picks you up after a bad date

#88 Another boy babysits your child and tweets a picture of it and someone else replies

Unlisted (if there are any)


Punk series:

  1. His appearance
  2. How you meet
  3. "Don’t fucking touch her."
  4. A little bit of truth
  5. Disappearance
  6. He agrees to go on a “date” with you
  7. First “Date”
  8. He sneaks into your room
  9. He asks you to be his girlfriend
  10. He gets into a fight
  11. First “I love you”
  12. Your father finds out you’re dating
  13. You sneak out to see him
  14. "Run away with me."
  15. He reveals something about his past
  16. Sexual Encounters
  17. He tries to train you/workout with you
  18. You return home
  19. (coming soon)

Teacher series:

  1. How you meet
  2. "You’re a teacher?"
  3. Staying after school with him
  4. He overhears you talking about him
  5. He has a talk with you
  6. He stops another student from bullying/harassing you
  7. You think he’s going to kiss you
  8. You see him outside of school
  9. (coming soon)


Lunch Date (Harry)

Hendall Setup (Harry)

Teach me (Harry) (Part 2)

Phone Sex (Harry)

Not a teenager anymore (Harry)

Protector (Harry) (Part 2) (Part 3)

The New Assistant (Harry)

"Am I pretty enough now?" (Harry)

Tell me (Harry) (Visual)

Brother’s Best Friend (Harry)

A “date” with Nadine (Harry)

It makes your lips so kissable (Harry)

Cuddly drunk Harry (Harry)

Horny during a concert (Harry)

Sugar Daddy (Harry)

First Impressions (Harry + Niall)

One Time Thing (Narry Threesome)

Knee issues (Niall)

Surprise? (Niall)

Blackouts (Niall)

Sharing the news (Niall)

Honeymoon (Niall) (Visual)

Snow Storms (Liam)

Sneaking out (Liam)

Sugar Daddy (Liam)

Smiles (Liam)

Little white lies (Liam + Ashton) (Part 2)

Childhood room (Louis)

Movie night (Louis)

Lucky (Louis)

The 7 seconds challenge (Louis)

Needy drunk (Louis)

"Best friends don’t make out" (Louis)

Something New (Zayn)

Good Luck Charm (Zayn)

Happy family (Zayn)

Casual Proposal (Zayn)

Breaking of the Zerrie engagement (Zayn)

Protective fights (Zayn)

Dream come true (Zayn)

Au Imagines:

Best Friend!Liam

Bad boy!Liam


Demon!Harry and Angel!Y/n (Part 2)

Tattoo Artist!Zayn (Part 2)

Art Student!Zayn


Math Student!Niall

Movie Star!Louis


How Louis would be on your wedding Day

How Zayn would comfort you

Romantic things Harry does for you

Niall and you being mobbed

What Harry’s skills would be in bed

What Niall would be like in bed

What Harry would be like in bed

What Harry would be like if you were pregnant

What Niall would be like in bed

Clingy Zayn

What Niall would be like if you were pregnant

Lazy days with them

What Harry would be like if had big boobs

Wedding dresses with Harry

A Morning with Liam

You sit on Niall’s lap and turn him on by mistake

Louis while you’re cooking

You fall asleep on Louis

Dom/Sub relationship with Harry

Zayn asking you out on a date

Jealous Niall

Harry as a boyfriend

Au memes:

Finals are approaching and you need to study but Zayn would much rather do other things…

The other boys absolutely love to tease Harry about your relationship together whenever Harry talks about you.

Liam explains how he met his girlfriend, y/n, and it seems that Harry played matchmaker in their relationship…

Bound by Ink: (on hiatus :/)


Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Fic Rec


Culture: Not a Black artist, just an artist

Honestly growing another head on my chin

But baby, I’m just passing time ×

A bit of convincing

Anon Said: Can you do a one shot or a blurb where you’redating harry but Niall has proper feelings for you and harry figures that out one day and Niall tells him it’s because of a kiss that happened before harry and you started dated and harry confronts you and you say how you don’t even remember (probably too drunk or something) and he’s all cute and cuddly because he loves you so much and doesn’t want you to love anyone else but him

A/N: Thanks for the request! I hope you don’t mind that I changed it up a bit. I really like this one because there’s a lot of different sides of Harry in it. Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading!!!!!

Today would have been fine. Everything was completely jolly until Niall had to open that mouth of his. That mouth had been known to cause trouble before, but this time was worse than normal. This time when he opened his mouth he pissed Harry off. Everyone knows that Harry’s a nice guy, but not everybody knows how scary he can be when he’s mad.

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The good life ××

#10: You’re a writer

Niall: He can’t be around you when you write. “Isn’t the muse supposed to always be around?” he asked, a betrayed look in his eyes as you ushered him towards the door leading to the hallway. “The muse is always in the mind and heart, that doesn’t mean they’re in the room!” you said, giving him an almighty shove through the door way, “and besides, what makes you think you’re my muse?”. “Let’s be real, Y/N” he said, feigning a serious look, “I’m too good looking not to be”. His eyes twinkled when you relaxed your shoulders and loosened your grip on his shoulders. Just as he began to turn around, to kiss you presumably, you seized the opportunity and pushed him as hard as you could. He stumbled and you shut the door, promptly locking it. “Y/N that’s not fair!” he whined, his fists beating on the door feebly. “Life’s not fair, kid” you drawled, taking a seat at your desk and letting your fingers do the rest.

Zayn: You two are the best team. You write and he edits. He always wanted to teach English. You told him he simply had a way with words. Little did you know, he was constantly spilling lyrics onto his page, for you, his beautiful muse. But he could never logically string together enough of the words he loved to create an actual story. A song perhaps, about the different smiles you had or the way you always sat at the window when he wanted to draw you, but never a story that someone could follow. He wrote you song upon song until all of his notebooks were filled. He couldn’t get enough of you, he always found a new word to describe you; how you made him feel. Words were your bond. He loved it when you furrowed your brows, when you bit your lip in concentration. But maybe he couldn’t edit your work, because everything you created was wonderful, faultless. To him, you were perfect because he was in love with you.

Liam: He loved that you were a writer, because it was something he wasn’t particularly good at. He wasn’t dumb, but the way that you looked when you wrote, it was like you were one with something, something that couldn’t be explained. He loved that the words came so easily to you, that you never struggled to put anything into words. And he loved how smart you were. You completed him in many different ways. He couldn’t do things as well as you and vice versa. You couldn’t cook pancakes for the life of you, he could flip them in the pan with his eyes closed. You were an incredible and extremely articulate writer, he struggled to understand you when you got passionate and used big words. But he didn’t need to understand you all the time, and he didn’t need you to understand him all the time, but he understood how he felt about you. He was in love with you and, sometimes, that was the only thing he was sure of.

Harry: He admired your endless stream of talents, especially your way with words. He knew you weren’t particularly fond of actually voicing your feelings, he learnt that when he all but had to squeeze your first “I love you” out of you. But he loved how you could write anything. How free flowing your creativity was and how well you could adjust it to serve your purpose. He can’t even explain how much he loves watching you write, especially in your notebook. When you pull out your special black pen and the notebook with the pages made like parchment, he knew it would be special. It killed him that he couldn’t look at that notebook. You told him that no one was allowed to read it, unless you were dead. You were so curious, but the only conclusion you could come to was that that was your diary and it was too personal to share. Something you admired about Harry was that he never pried. He was wary of doing so, having people constantly trying to invade your personal life was something he had been subjected to for some time now. What he writes in his diary are thoughts, yours are movements, feelings, smells, sensations. Everything you wrote was beautiful. Everything you were was beautiful.

Louis: He was jealous of your writing. You had such a strong connection to it, he could tell how much you loved it. Your eyes would glaze over slightly when you talked about your newest venture, a lazy smile would spread across your lips. He was so jealous of the fact that, when he was away, you were writing instead of thinking about him. He knew it was ridiculous and selfish but he couldn’t help it. He loved you so much, but he didn’t know that when you were in bed, with him on tour, with the lamp casting a yellow light through the room, he was your muse. Louis was always on your mind, how he smelled, how he always puts flour on your nose when you’re making pancakes, just Louis. He was the reason you loved writing. He could be anything, on the paper and in real life, he was your hero, your sexy villain, your innocent damsel, the fighter, the martyr, the survivor. He was frightening, strong, brave. He was your Louis; and he was beautiful.

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Cartson "Don't look at me, I do what she does - the only difference is she does it twice as fast and in heels"

(Brilliant! I love it! Very CATWS-esque)

The junior agent who had dared to question Peggy’s abilities shut his mouth and hastily left the room. Peggy gave him a questioning look, and Jack shrugged.

“You did figure out that Leviathan was the mastermind behind the Stark stuff while the rest of us were running after Stark himself.”

“Fair point.” Peggy leaned over to collect the mission plans she’d brought in, but Jack noticed that she was smiling.

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Hello. What exactly is a writers voice? My tutor told me I need to create a voice but I don't understand what that is and how to do it.

In that context I’d say your tutor is referring to style. 

Just like cartoonists have different styles, like painters have different styles, writers have different styles.

Style is how you use words, context, syntax (sentence structure), punctuation, voice, grammar, etc. Maybe one writer’s style involves heavy, intensive descriptions. Maybe another writer’s style involves lots of dashes. Maybe another’s involves usage of vernacular as opposed to the standard version of the language.

Everyone is on a journey to find their own personal style, and it usually takes yeeeeeeaaarrs. Finding it involves reading widely and writing a lot. Discovering what works for you and what doesn’t. And knowing why.

For some people, like me, there isn’t one set style that works. I have alter egos who all have different writing styles. My style changes based on the character and the genre I’m writing. And which alter ego I’m writing with.

And your style will evolve alongside you, so as you grow, it will too.

Now, as for finding your voice/style, like I said, it’s really just a matter of reading and writing. Read widely so you are as exposed to as many voices as possible. Write frequently (and in great volume) so you can try on all the different voices until you make one your own. It’s a self-exploration. And an ongoing process.

Good luck