But what if Harry wasn’t famous and you were his girlfriend and you were both broke but you didn’t care cause you loved each other too much and you had to live in a really shitty apartment together but you put Christmas lights up and indie band posters up and it was in a shady part of town so he’d hold your hand and try and walk in front of you protectively and sometimes at night you’d climb out on the fire escape and tell each other all your secrets and what you want out of life or you’d just say the random thoughts you have and laugh together and on cold days you’d just cuddle and drink tea but then you’d get bored so you’d turn on music and jump on the bed and lip sync and have little concerts and you’d always try and cook for each other but end up burning it and just ordering Chinese again and I bet you’d walk down the street at night on the way to wherever you were going and Harry would start to hum the song stuck in his head and then he’d spin you and pull you into his chest and you’d giggle but then he’d look at you really seriously in the eyes before his stare went to your lips and he’d lean in and nuzzle his nose against yours and then he’d kiss you super softly and pick you up a little bit aNd NOw iM uPseTtInG MYsElF

Untitled #396 by mulberryandtea featuring Forever 21

Rag bone open back top, $145 / Monki black bra, $20 / Super skinny jeans, $22 / Yves Saint Laurent short boots / Saint Laurent 3 Hour Duffel / Links of London black braided bracelet, $250 / H M ring, $4.96 / Ray Ban square aviator, $345 / Rayban gold mirrored aviator, $225 / Forever 21 tech accessory / Topshop nail polish