my new babies i already love them so much o 3 o

big scary demon guard and his little human girlfriend <3
she’s actually not that little she’s 5’3” but he’s just huge like 7’ something 
Her name is Rania (ruh-nee-uh) and he’s idk yet im not good with names

since for once i actually have a back story for characters already made and these two exist separately from my others, here’s a rlly short summary on them:

humans from earth discovered how to travel between worlds, one containing demons. They establish good relations with them in a neutral state bc two sides of the demons are in a war, and the humans just want to trade/money. There’s an embassy in the demon’s world and Rania’s father works there, so her mother, her, and two friends go with him to stay during the summer. The demon guy is a guard for his side’s rep in the embassy and they get to know each other blah blah lovey dovey stuff

he’s actually sorta mean unintentionally but rania always tells him off bc despite her cutie-ness she’s pretty spunky. like the demons are sorta plain rude at times and she isn’t afraid to tell him off on his shit and he sorta likes that so yeah

i really like how this turned out his face looks gr8 im happy her arm is a bit skinny though but oh well

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This years Star Magic Ball themed “Hollywood Glam” was filled with low-key gowns unlike the past years that almost all of the stars has crystals, beads and laser cut details in their gowns. So here’s my take on the 10 Best Dressed this year.


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