“My shop started in the summer of 2012, when my husband Joe and I needed some surfboard bags. We like simple, rugged things and couldn’t find any bags that fit our style. So we started making them ourselves, inspired by a tough old WWII army bag I’d inherited from my grandfather. At the time, I was working as an illustrator, and the artistic side of me knew what I wanted it to look and feel like. Joe is a commercial diver; he’s in a marine setting every day, so he knew what had to be done to make the bags durable. He focused on the function, I focused on aesthetics, and together we made the kind of surfboard bag we thought ought to exist.” — Tasha Chapman of Etsy shop The Atlantic Ocean 

Visit Tasha’s shop to see the full line of products, which includes beach bags, totes, dog leashes, bike bags and wooden handplanes for body surfing. 


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“Still loving”


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Union Jack Leggings

Flying the Flag: With the Olympics just round the corner this teen Fashionista papped in Forest Hill, London; was sporting this patriotic red, white and blue outfit. The Olympic Mickey Mouse T adds a cute element that fuses two iconic images together in a fun and playful way.