windows-vriska replied to your post: hmmmmmmmmm!!!

i mean the queen and king thing i don’t mind the actual prom

yes exactly! i don’t know, i didn’t look too much into it, but is the king/queen thing actually happening? or is it just a to-the-side type of dealio? were the candidates suggested or chosen by poll or what??? :o


stygld replied to your post: hmmmmmmmmm!!!


YES EXACTLY BUTT :) <3 i loved poking your buttcheeks tonight.


perpetualchinhands replied to your post: hmmmmmmmmm!!!

it feels like a popularity contest to me

that’s the thing! i’m actually surprised this is happening — it definitely appears that way, and… i guess that’s what annoys me the most, because this is goddamn tumblr and it’s supposed to be fun for everyone who’s doing this thing, and it feels like all the focus will be on the king and queen aspect of it, now. nothing against any of the people nominated, of course! but i wonder how they feel about this….. i would love to know their sentiments!

New Video: Thelonious Martin X Jugrnaut + Ruby Hornet
One of Chi-town hardest working producers, Thelonious Martin [@KingThelonious] took time out of his busy schedule (from his recent placement on many records done for Dom Kennedy, Casey Veggies, Hodgy Beats, Abstract Cannon [shameless plug]) to talk about his influences, his new tape and who he’d like to work with in the future.

Get his new tape, STYGLD at his bandcamp, here.

April 4, 2012