Ego Is a Teabag

Look at that teabag, all confident and headstrong, lounging about in boiling water.  Imagine the life of a teabag.  Your sole purpose is in the relaxation of kicking back, hanging from a string, and sinking down into the warmth of your destiny.  How jealous everyone must be!  So smug, little teabag.

You must always watch yourself though, for everyone knows that teabags are most vulnerable in its euphoric comfort.  How easy it was for you to forget the stress of your packaged life, living caged for ages and ages after your birth, which essentially was defined by the dismemberment and reconfiguration of materials.

Suddenly you find yourself amidst a chilled puddle of your own sweat.  The honeymoon is over.  Where is your ego now little teabag?


cool-stxff said:

5, 29, 71, 100 x

Q) 4 turn ons?
A) I’m gonna go for the more unusual stuff so intelligence and a range of sophisticated vocabulary is actually really hot idk,quick wit,dirty jokes and I must say strong jawlines and defined cheekbones are incredibly hot lmao

Q) favourite song?
A) idk I have too many but Help Me Lose My Mind ~ Disclosure ft London Grammar will always be one of my favourites along with Stand By Me ~ Ben E. King

Q) do I spend money or save it?
A) save it

Q) did drugs?
A) nope

thank you for asking man x