5SOS imagine(calum)(my very 1st imagine,please dont steal)

you and Calum had been together for just over two years now but the two weeks he was gone almost killed you. You were pregnant and no one knew, your parents would disown you if they found out..and all you could think about was what Calum was going to think.
You decided to phone him and tell him..”Hey babe”..”Hey Y/N you sound nervous whats the matter” “i miss you” “i miss you too babe,whats the matter?” “well….em” you started stuterring nervously . ” Y/N ,baby whats wrong ,tell me” Calum said to you.”Calum I’m pregnant”. A moment of awkward silence fell.

It was almost three o’clock in the afternoon when you started to think he wasn’t coming…the doorbell rang. You opened the door to see Calum and you kissed him immediately before he could say a word. “I’m so sorry i’m late Y/N my plane got delayed”…it didn’t matter that he was late all that mattered was that he was here now.

The two of you sat down at the dinning table..”Mum!Dad!” you called.”What is is sweety” they answered.”I have to tell you guys something” Your parents sat across from you and Calum ,you started to get nervous.and clutched Calum’s hand tightly..as far as your parents were concerned Calum was your best friend, as you weren’t aloud to date.” Mum…Dad…em..” you started to stutter and you could feel your eyes fillings up with tears,God knew what your parents would do if they gound out.”Hey its ok babe tell em” Calum whispered in your ear. “I’m scared Cal” you whispered back. “We are in this together remember,I’ve got your back babe”. “Babe? Whats this about babe? Your not dating are you? You know my rules!” your Dad said as he raised his voice. “You know what I’ll just tell em.Mr and Mrs Y/N ,and I truly am sorry but Y/N is…” “IM PREGNANT” you yelled as you just couldnt take it any more..A Moment of awkward silence fell for about ten minutes while your parents started at you in shame

"Calum I think it would be wise if you left and don’t bother coming back for a while,as for young lady your grounded!stay here we need to talk" you could see the guilt in Calum’s face as he left. "Right Y/N ,your mother and I are very disappointed in you,after all we do for you,this is how you repay us,you are NEVER to see that boy again!" "BUT IT WASN’T HIS FAULT"you yelled as the tears rolled down your cheeks. " yeah and I’m supposed to believe that ..He is the one that planted his seed in your flower bed now isnt he!,now what are we going to do?!!" " You know what I dont care im moving out!" " And where is a 15 year old girl going to go!? " You know what I’m moving in with Cal!I’ll ring once a week" even though they seemed like they didn’t care you knew they cared. You ran upstairs and filled your handbag and backpack with what you could.The next day was Monday so you also grabbed your uniform. You ran out the door and down the street to Calum’s. You rang the doorbell.

Ashton opened the door to see you standing there in the cold and rain balling your eyes out wearing nothing but a tank top and shorts. “I thought only Calum came back?” you aksed as you burst into tears again. Ashton took your bags and hugged you saying “na the band stays together,but nevermind the band what about you?” “you mean he didn’t tell you?”you sniffed as more and more tears rolled down your cheeks. “no ,but you know what.never mind lets get you inside” you walked through the door and stood in the hallway soaking wet while Ahton went to get you a towel. Luke and Michael walked past but reversed to ask you what was wrong.”nothing i’m fine really”you replied as you wiped away your tears.They brought you to the living room and sat you infront of the fire when Calum came in.”I thought you weren’t aloud see me?” he asked. “I told them i didn’t care and i was going to stay at yours..if thats ok?” “its more than ok babe,you can stay as long as you like” he hugged you while smiling which caused you to smile. Luke and Michael just stared at you both confused as to what was happening.

Ashton came down with the towels and Calum helped you dry off. Calum led you to his bedroom to get settled and changed and came back downstairs.”Whats going on Calum?” asked Luke,”yea whats going on cos we are seriously confused”asked Ashton….”well…Y/N is pregnant”Calum replied as guilt fell upon him. “Dude congratulations!” Michael said as he high fived Calum.”yea well her parents have practically disowned her and we can’t continue our tour”“Cal its ok, this band sticks together and we will help you out” “thanks guys”.Calum started to smile again.

It was 7am the next morning and you woke up to Calum still asleep beside you. You could feel it coming and you ran to the bathroom vommiting into the toilet for about ten minutes.It must have woke Calum up as he was standing in the hallway ready to comfort you.”we’ll get through this babe,dont worry”he reassured you “I know we will,its just that…” “just that what?” he questioned. “its just that I don’t want people in school finding out” he kissed ou lightly on your forhead and said “babe i’ll be right there with you,and who cares who finds out….i love you and thats all that matter”.
good ending or nah?