a week of iwaoi kisses
(today’s kiss was suggested by this adorable anon)


5 ♥ victory kiss //

He’s adamant as he avoids looking directly into Oikawa’s pitiful eyes and growls, “I’m not entering.”

“But, Iwa-chan,” he whines, jostling his shoulder in an attempt to persuade him. "Who will protect the sanctity of my lips if not you?“

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This conversation actually just took place...
  • This exchange actually happened with someone on the west coast:
  • Customer:"I just placed an order on your website like 2 minutes ago, I need to check on something."
  • Me:"Ok, sometimes it can take up to 10 minutes for it to show in my system, so I can't see it yet, but what was your question about the order?"
  • Customer:"*scoff* What time is it there?"
  • Me:"...It's almost 7:30."
  • Customer:"(She gets condescending with me at this point) And you're in PA. So you're like, three hours ahead of us. If it was three hours ago and you said it takes 10 minutes you should be able to see it now. Does that make sense?"
  • Me:"...No. Because that's not how time zones work."

I’m confused on how this whole “The World Is Ending” thing works. Let’s say the date is set for the 23rd of this month. Would it end when its the 23rd of May in Australia? Or America? How bout Europe? The stupid time zone is screwing up the end of the world…. Not cool Bro.