Jamie Dornan, hotter than ever!! [b👀ty]


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so I’ve been thinking about the idea of Beacon doing that cliche sitcom thing about teenages in pairs ‘raising’ a bag of flour like it’s a kid

imagine Weiss worrying about her child starting to get lighter. Ruby says she must be imagining it. Then Weiss notices Ruby has a plate of homebaked cookies on her desk

Yang taking her kid out on the bike and when Blake yells at her Yang is just like “they had a helmet.” and pulls out a tiny flour bag sized helmet

Pyrrha being uncharacteristicly panicky cause she doesn’t know how to deal with tiny people but Jaune is like “don’t worry I got this” cause of having so many sisters

Nora showing up at the dorm like “hey Ren me and our child are hoooooome~” and Ren glances up before calmly saying “Nora that’s not a bag of flour that’s an Ursa cub.” and Nora tries to convince him to let her keep it.

Hi Justin … Love your red sweat … BTW I’m talking alone 😂😂

Wow, Theo James 😉🔥🔥

Learning this on guitar made me relove it, well done to Green Day on their induction to the rock and roll hall of fame :)

Selena is not FAT !! Ugh this world is so fucked up :| it makes me wanna kms

First of all …

Kim Kardashian, even if you don’t like her, you have to recognize she’s a fashion icon, and a very hot fashion icon. 😏

Karlie Kloss ❤️

This dressing is so … Minimalist … 😂😂

The incredible Alessandra Ambrosio !!!!

Ansel Elgort, I love it when he smiles !! :)