So obviously they decided this woman wasn’t famous enough for Celebrity Big Brother (shock horror) so they put her on the next cheap tatty reality tv show to share her ‘story’.

7th June could be interesting timing. If it goes big in the news over the next week, could it be something that we see tension at the Summertime ball, rumours of strife etc.,

But really honestly, genuinely thought we’d left this idea behind as a way to end Zerrie so I hope it gets denied. 

Behold: the “Ass Top Driller”. If it’s important to you, I can assure you that the man in question screamed like a cat being strangled by a banshee and certainly behaved as though the spinning metal spike of the top penetrated his anus. However, if that detail was important to you, perhaps you should take a minute now and reevaluate your life. Somebody gave birth to you. They had hopes for you. And these are your priorities.

5 Amazing TV Shows That Prove Japan Broke Reality

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anonymous asked:

did you see new photos of zayn's family with perrie?

Yeah, nonnie, I saw. Funny, innit?

This one is my fave:

Safaa: Noooooo, mum, don’t make me do this! Pleeeease! I’ll do dishes and clean the house. I promise. Just let me go!

Really? Zaynie has “left”, and now we’re getting something zerrie-related EVERY DAY! I don’t know what else do you need to understand certain things.


If people do not find it weird that Naughty Boy has followed Danielle, Eleanor, Keith and Gemma & Lottie followed Naughty Boy, I’m praying for you..

This literally screams STUNT. Why in the world would Lottie follow someone who her brother ‘hates’ (if you don’t believe it’s a stunt ofc) & how in the world should Naughty Boy for a second be interested in what Harry’s sister, Liam’s ex, Louis’ ex & Louis’ granddad tweets about?